Motorola Edge 20, Galaxy M62 and more

Check out the best of the week, highlighting what’s new from Motorola, everything related to the Galaxy M62, our list of must-see games for PS4 and PS5, and more!

The time has come to check out the the best of the week, a list of showmetech with the most read articles and most viewed videos in the last seven days. This week we had big events in the technology and gaming market. Details on the Galaxy M62 to the 10 must-see games for PS4 and PS5 on our channel of Youtube, there is no shortage of news for everyone. See also all about the new WhatsApp scam and our list com 19 free courses from Twitter. Unmissable!

REVIEW: Galaxy M62 is a great mid-range with a gigantic battery

Samsung galaxy m62 review
One of the best of the week is the new Samsung Galaxy M62

Arrives in Brazil on Galaxy M62, successor of Galaxy M51, which features internal improvements in addition, of course, to the formidable 7,000 mAh that distinguished the M51. Despite this, the internal changes are not that significant. Is it an intermediary that deserves your attention? Discover one of the best of the week.

Motorola announces Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 and Edge 20 Lite for Brazil

Edge 20
Motorola Edge arrives in Brazil full of news

THE Motorola launched the hotsite of Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 And Edge 20 Lite in Brazil, soon signaling the arrival of new models. The new smartphones of the line edge will feature, in the 3 models, cameras and 108 MP screen OLED, compatibility with the ready for and zoom in periscope style. Find out more about each of the news in one of the best of the week.

10 essential and exclusive games for PS4 and PS5

From gaming classics to little-known games, check out these 10 games Essential for PS4 and PS5! From absolute classics like The last of us, even lesser known games like gravity stroke, of course there’s a lot more to play on desktop consoles. All the games mentioned here, except for Return, are playable on both PS4 and PS5 thanks to backward compatibility. Also, games like The last of us 2 feature improvements for PS4 Pro, also available on PS5.

The best free games from Steam, GOG, Epic and others

The best free games from Steam, Gog, Epic and others
The best free games from Steam, GOG, Epic and others

Sometimes we get bored with the games we already have and we don’t know which ones to play to try to have fun, and in this case nothing better than a good free game, right? Today you will find out which are the best free games on the current major gaming platforms, such as steam, GOG And Epic games. From games of the most varied genres, to suit all tastes, check out one of the best of the week.

The new WhatsApp scam uses corporate accounts to steal customers

The new whatsapp scam uses corporate accounts to steal user data
If it passes by large companies, the new WhatsApp scam uses commercial accounts to steal user data

A new coup from Whatsapp use commercial accounts for the theft of information by users of the platform. Reports of suspicious activity and social network scams are nothing new, but with each new era, criminals innovate their ways of stealing from people.

The choice is to use trading accounts to apply scams, which the scammers act as a transport or delivery company. The act gains some credibility, as accounts are enabled through WhatsApp Business. However, you must be aware that not all companies communicate with customers via WhatsApp. Discover one of the best of the week.

Nestflix, fake Netflix | Showmetech TRIO

Web designer Lynn Fisher launched the Nestflix, a website that provides, in an interface similar to that of the red streaming platform, information about fictional series that exist only within other TV shows and movies. China begins testing Influencers AI, designed to be perfect and not get involved in scandals, introducing more security for the various brands that want to advertise. Finally, July 2021 was the hottest month on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). At 0.93 degrees Celsius higher than the previous record, the reflection of global warming is increasingly clear.

List of the week: Check out the 19 free courses on Twitter

Free twitter courses
The list of the week is because of the unmissable list of courses on Twitter

Great news for those looking to improve their advertising skills on the Twitter: have an e-learning platform with several courses that teach how to use social media advertising features. The courses are not in person and can be taken from anywhere, whether via mobile, computer or tablet. Interested? Discover one of the best of the week.

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