Movistar announces a massive deployment of fiber to reach 50% of homes in 2015

Luis Miguel Gilpérez, president of Telefónica in Spain, confirmed today at the telecommunications meeting in Santander that the operator will massively deploy optical fiber to go to fifty% homes throughout Spain. “We know it’s the only technology that guarantees the capabilities needed for the future.”

As Gilpérez explained, “we are committed to our customers” and for this reason we want to guarantee the best broadband quality. The president of the operator pointed out that currently fiber coverage already reaches 12% of Spanish homes and offices and will continue to grow exponentially. To this end, in 2011 Telefónica allocated 256 million in fiber while in 2012 the total investment will reach 300 million euros. “For us, optical fiber is more than 100 megabytes, we do not reach a node with fiber and from there we arrive with cable or copper, our technology guarantees the highest speed for the future .”

future strategy

The deployment of the new generation network is part of the commercial strategy initiated by the operator just a year ago. According to the president, this is a strategy that has been developed with the new territorial structure in which the company has focused on the local accent to get closer to the specific customer. Looking to the future, Gilpérez pointed out that “will continue to reward current customers, making more effort to improve their satisfaction, on top of acquiring new subscribers. Another important aspect concerns customer service, according to Gilpérez, reduced the number of complaints by 40% and they have adopted “brave measures” like bringing all call centers to Spain.

Smart cities

Other interesting projects relate to smart cities or remote assistance. According to Gilpérez, Santander has launched a pilot project that will reduce garbage collection by 25%, in parks and gardens it will be possible to reduce water consumption by 15% or at the domestic level it will be possible to reduce consumption. of energy.