Movistar Fusion is not unique, there are similar offers all over Europe

The recent offer announced by Telefónica, Movistar Fusion, make lots of noise. The new offer is really interesting, and it is that it combines fixed and mobile telephony, high-speed Internet connection (ADSL or fiber optic) and television. A combination that we had never been able to appreciate in Spain. However, the rest of the operators don’t seem to like it very much, which in the case of Orange has asked the CMT to review it as the others are not willing to match it. Telefónica, for its part, argues that it is already offered in other European countries.

And that’s how up to seven European offers they look like the new Movistar Fusión, two of them including the combination of the four mentioned services.

For example in Germany, T-Mobile with its Call and Surf Comfort + Complete Mobil L offer 16 Mb with calls to mobiles and data traffic for 70 euros.

In Austria It is the operator A1 which offers a package which offers similar conditions for 51 euros; Telecom Italia, in the Mediterranean country, offers Tutto Senza Limiti Super Internet + Tutto Compreso 500 opzione Internet for 75 euros; while Telecom Portugal offers in our neighboring country Sapo ADSL.PT 12 Mb + TMN Unlimited 45 for 82 euros; The United Kingdom, for its part, in a combined offer of BT and O2, offers Unlimited Broadband and Evening and Weekend Calls + Paying Monthly Simplicity for 76 euros. That’s to say, offers the same as Movistar Fusion.

Without a doubt, these are good examples of what is done in Europe, but we have kept the two best, those that combine the four services. These are found in Belgium, offered by Belgacom and combining Pack Telephony, Internet Maxi, TV and Mobile confort 25; and in France, where is Orange itself the one with Open 24/7 Special. The latter’s package includes a home Internet connection of up to 20 megabytes for download, to which must be added the fixed telephone line with a national package, and the mobile package, which includes 1 GB of data, and a package for national calls, without forgetting of course the Orange television pack. All for a price close to €52.59. It is curious that it is Orange itself which asks the CMT to review its tariffs while its tariffs in France are even more aggressive in price.

Movistar Fusion, an excellent combination

And it is that we remember that the Telefónica offer in Spain has become really interesting for everyone. Although it is true that have lost lines in the last yearYour new proposal will attract the attention of many people. Movistar Fusión comes in two variants, one with high-speed Internet connection and another with standard speed with ADSL, 10 megabytes.

The Movistar Fusion medium speed pack includes a high speed internet connection with a speed of 10 megabytes of download and 800 KB of download, no download limit. To this must be added the landline, with a national plan, 500 minutes for calls from landline to mobile at the weekend, and 50 minutes from landline to mobile 24 hours a day at any time of the week. In addition, regarding the mobile rate, it includes 1 GB of data and 500 minutes of monthly calls to all networks. This pack has a permanence of 24 months, and a cost of 50 euros per month (VAT not included).

The combination of high-speed Movistar Fusion is already changing a bit. Internet connection must be 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, with unlimited data upload. The fixed telephone includes a national package, 500 minutes of calls to mobiles at the weekend and 50 minutes to mobiles at any time of the week. The mobile is the same, with 1 GB of data and 500 minutes of calls to any phone or mobile. This rate has the same stay of 24 months, and a cost of 60 euros per month (VAT not included).

Television can be included in either of the two packages for a supplement of 30 euros per month, which would involve the 70 Movistar television channels, with the League and Champions League offer.