Movistar reduces the number of complaints by 35% in the last year

As explained by José María Alvarez-Pallete, president of Telefónica in Europe, the operator has begun a process of simplification to adapt to customers. “It is important to know the consumption patterns of our subscribers. For example, in Slovakia, we are increasing by 30% because we only have a voice product for prepaid and contract”. In other countries like Germany “we have started to infrastructure sharing adjust costs and transfer savings to customers”.

Processing in Spain

Pallete pointed out that “courageous decisions in Spain” have been adopted, such as the adaptation and tariff simplification. He also discussed the terminal marketing model, including the financing, insurance and renewal plan. The manager explained that the changes make it possible to adapt to changing times by reducing prices for the entire client portfolio. At the same time, the operator is working to maintain its investments and to adapt to the enormous demand for data generated by the new devices. It is important to note that even the household appliances will connect to the internet“, said the director.

The importance of customer service

Telecommunications is one of the most divisive sectors and consumer arbitration boards are not able to handle all claims. Despite the fact that the executive is working on a new general telecommunications law that protects consumers, most companies have started a transformation to improve their subscriber satisfaction and thus avoid customer drain. In the case of Movistar, the 1004 transfer to Spain It is one of the most significant measures and also applauded by users.