Movistar will invest more than 1,200 million euros in fiber to reach 7 million homes

Movistar will invest a average of 300 million euros per year at the end of 2015, achieve coverage of 7 million homes equipped with fiber optical. As Luis Miguel Gilpérez, president of Telefónica in Spain, explained yesterday, “in 2011 the operator invested a total of 2,891 million euros, which represents the 49% of the total for the entire sector telecommunications.

Telefónica allocated 256 million euros to fiber in 2011, while in 2012 investments in fiber will reach 300 million. Looking ahead to the years to come, the operator will maintain the same average to reach 50% of Spanish households by the end of 2015, which will ensure real coverage of 6 to 7 million households with some cities beyond 100% as is the case of Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia.

During the telecommunications meetings held in Santander, the company’s president pointed out that Telefónica continue to invest more in Spain than in other countries. As an example, he mentioned Brazil, indicating that it is a country with greater extension and growth, despite this the operator invests more in its country of origin.

Millionaire investment despite the crisis

The operator will allocate more than 1.2 billion euros fiber in just 4 years. in the same period Orange will have invested 300 million to get to 10.5 million households. The big question concerns the rest of the operators. What will Jazztel and Vodafone do? For now, the operator chaired by Leopoldo Fernández Pujals has confirmed that it will launch a pilot in Madrid limited to 5,000 households. For its part, the British operator considers that deploying several fiber networks does not make sense and is awaiting changes at the regulatory level before taking firm decisions.


Orange and Vodafone consider that there is a high risk of creating a fiber optic monopoly, but the reality is that Telefónica is the company that makes the economic effort to deploy its network. Indeed, Gilpérez told the media that “everyone competes on equal terms, they have access to our pipelines, however, they don’t invest.