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Most likely, most of us have moved on from the awkward situation stay out of range of a WiFi connection, or that it just works so slowly that we can’t keep doing our homework, with all the inconveniences that this poses, especially if we’re in a rush to finish.

While there are alternatives to resolve the issue, such as using a data connection, or implement “Tethering”, The truth is, it’s not always available, and not everyone is willing to offer us such help. Therefore, it is better to be warned and be prepared with an alternative in case something bad happens to us like those mentioned.

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One of these alternatives is to work on what is called “Offline mode”, option offered by some browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which allows us store the pages we have recently visited on the computer itself so that we can see them even without connection, and although they are not perfectly updated at the time of use, it is very likely that we need some static information i.e. data that will not change as query information. In that case, we will tackle the issue of using Firefox offline mode.

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Mozilla Firefox offline mode

A modern browser has to meet the real needs of its users, not just show how fast they are or the perfect compatibility they offer to different standards, which although this is a good thing, in most cases. if the average user doesn’t. This serves you a lot.

In this sense, the possibility of show web pages when we are offline It is extremely practical, it is almost invaluable, since it allows us, in case of failure of our Internet connection, or becomes so slow to the point of being unusable, so that we can visit our regular websites and get from there everything we need to complete our task.

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From this moment we will learn how to activate Mozilla Firefox offline mode and we too are starting to reap all its benefits.

Activate Mozilla Firefox offline

Step 1

For use the offline option of Firefox, the first thing to do is to access the page “Advanced settings”, that we can do by writing “About: configuration” (without quotes) in the Firefox address bar. After that we press the key Enter.

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2nd step

At this point a window will pop up warning us that one of the settings we are changing here, if we don’t know what we are doing, they can be detrimental to the proper functioning of Firefox. But since we know what we’re doing, we click on the button I accept the risk!

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Step 3

Then we look for the following line: “Browser.cache.offline.activate” (without the quotes), option that will allow us activate Firefox offline mode.

Step 4

To activate and terminate it, click on the option with the right mouse button and in the menu that appears, click on the option “To modify”, which will immediately change the state of the value.

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Disable Mozilla Firefox Offline

For disable Firefox offline mode, we need to follow the exact same steps as to activate it, which will return the option to its default state.

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Note that there is a second, simpler way, suitable for impatient users, and which consists of the following instructions:

Step 1

We press the key “Alt” to bring up the Firefox menu, which is hidden by default.

2nd step

After that we have to click on “To file”, and in the menu that appears we select the option “Disconnected from work.”

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After that, we can enjoy the benefits of Firefox offline browsing and anticipate any connection issues we might have in the future.