Nanosystems: business continuity within reach of SMEs

There business continuity it is the capacity of a company to be able to resume its normal activities even in the event of unforeseen catastrophic events: servers which suddenly break down, workstations intended for critical tasks which fail without warning, etc. Usually, when we talk about business continuity, we tend to think of large companies: banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, hospitals, which rely on complex and costly solutions to never risk interrupting operations. In reality, there is no shortage of platforms also intended for SMEs and VSEs, such as those of Nanosystems.

Nanosystems Solutions for Business Continuity

Nanosystems is an Italian company that has been operating in the ICT sector for 30 years and on Edge9 we have already talked about its software Uranium backup And Supreme. Here, we will see how these two easy-to-use and inexpensive software can also be used to ensure business continuity.

These two software have been available for several years and are constantly updated with new features to support the ever-growing needs of businesses and new emerging technologies. Supreme is a remote control software for computers and workstations that is characterized by its ease of use and its “lightness”: it is a simplified application, which does not impact the resources of the devices on which it is installed. The very intuitive interface and the cost make it within the reach of even micro-enterprises (a free version is also available for non-commercial use), but Nanosystems has not made any compromises for this in terms of functionality and especially of security: it is actually supported 256-bit AES encryption. To use it, you don’t need to intervene on the firewall or ask for expert assistance: you just need to run an executable.

But what does business continuity have to do with Supreme? Single: combined with Uranium backup, allows you to easily manage the backup and restore of machines, even when you are not in front of the machine. It supports the backup of files and folders, but also virtual machines. As targets, that is to say the destinations of the backups, it is possible to choose between external disks, external servers, NAS, cloud platforms, but also magnetic tapes. All backup jobs can be monitored from the console, wherever you are, to ensure that all data backup operations are running smoothly.


As Supreme, Uranium Backup is very cheap and, unlike other solutions on the market, it does not require a monthly fee: the license is in fact valid for life. The cost ranges from zero (the free version for non-commercial, but limited use) to 290 euros for the Gold version, which includes all features, including differential backup and all types of targets: tape, cloud, FTP. The Gold version, like the Pro DB version (150 euros) also supports the backup of databases, in particular MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and Exchange.