NASA’s new roadmap for the Artemis moon landing

Just a few days ago, we told you about the new plan of the Nasa for the launch of Mission Artemis I and new SLS rocket (Space Launch System). The US space agency’s goal is to be able to complete all remaining tests and launch the rocket by March 2022 (or April at the latest). A positive note comes from the successful replacement of the flight controller of one of the main stage RS-25 motors. However, several steps are still missing.

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It is available recently Road map Updated by Artemis Missions which gives an idea of ​​what Nasa plans to complete in the next few years. Definitely ruled out the plan for the return of the human being to the moon by 2024, now the goal is (hopefully) to be able to do so moon in the 2025.

NASA shows the new roadmap to return to the Moon

As we know it Artemis Missions they are designed not only to return to set foot on moon but also to try to settle there more continuously than the Apollo missions. This strategy will also serve to counter plans by China and Russia to create a permanent base on lunar soil called the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). ESA, which remains a partner of, could also participate in this ambitious project Nasa to Artemis.

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To do this, it will be necessary that all that is still “on paper” or that a prototype is completed on time (with up-to-date safety standards). A demanding and costly challenge. Not impossible, also thanks to the help of other organizations and individuals, such as SpaceX (which will provide the lander, a modified version of Starship).

The choice of Nasa (and partners) is to create an orbital outpost called Lunar gateway (partially also made in Italy). The Road map then consider launching Artemis I during this year. It will then be necessary to wait until 2024 to see the first astronauts return to lunar orbit and then go into low Earth orbit.

  • Artemis I: 2022 unmanned
  • Artemis II: 2024 with crew but no moon landing
  • Artemis III: 2025 with crew and moon landing but without Gateway
  • Artemis IV: date to be determined, crew without lunar landing but assembly of the bridge
  • Artemis V: date to be defined, with crew, bridge and moon landing

Until 2025 (with the first moon landing of Artemis) the Nasa will use SLS Block 1 which includes the second stage Interim Cryodrive Stage (ICPS). From Artemis IV, the second stage will be updated with theUpper stage of exploration (EUS) then you will switch toSLS Block 1B.In 2024 there will also be the Starship unmanned moon landing test which will therefore have to pass this test to be used in 2025 and this same year there will be the integration of the new xEVA space suits (from February). SpaceX will also launch PPE/HALO modules with Falcon Heavy starting in November 2024.

artemis luna

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With Artemis V NASA also plans to launch the ESPRIT module manufactured by ESA into lunar orbit to extend the Lunar Gateway and the new robotic arm. There will also be room for new vehicles that will be used to move quickly on the lunar ground (called LTV, Lunar Terrain Vehicle). As written above, this is a significant technological effort, but one that could open up new global scenarios.

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