Nautilus, comes the Disney + series based on Verne’s novel

Disney announced in these hours a new live-action series, Nautilus, confirming the company’s commitment to providing audiences with content developed in collaboration with European production companies. Produced in collaboration with the British Moonriver TV and Seven Stories, the upcoming show on Disney + will consist of ten episodes and will be based on the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne Twenty thousand leagues under sea (here as a special offer). Nautilus will tell the untold story of the origins of Verne’s character, the Captain Nemo, and his submarine which gives its name to the television series.


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Nautilus will tell the novel by Jules Verne from the point of view of Nemo, Indian prince deprived of his birthright and his family, prisoner of East India Company, determined to take revenge on those who took everything from him. After embarking with his crew aboard the Nautilus, Nemo will be called upon to fight not only his adversaries, but also the traps of the underwater world, learning to become the leader of a unique crew in the world and thus living an adventure under the sea. truly unforgettable seas.

Nautilus therefore has the task of reinventing the classic tale of Verne for the new generations: Walt Disney has already told the legend of Nemo in the historical film of 1954, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea – available for streaming on Disney + also in Italy – a source of inspiration also for the first attractions of the theme park. The character also appeared in the film The legend of extraordinary men (inspired by the DC comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), 2003 film directed by Stephen Norrington. Nautilus is developed and co-produced by Xavier Marchand of Moonriver TV and Anand Tucker of Seven Stories, while James sleeper (Beowulf: Return to Shields) appears as screenwriter and executive producer, alongside Johanna Devereaux. Filming of the series is scheduled for the start of 2022, while an official release date has not been announced on the streaming catalog yet.