NBA News: Pessimist LeBron James doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t look good right now and LeBron James doesn’t think that’s going to change anytime soon, especially without Anthony Davis.

It has been another disastrous year for the Los Angeles Lakers. First year coach Darvin Ham he wanted the team to play with intensity but even if they tried they are not enough to compete at the highest level.

However, Anthony Davis’ stellar game had helped them right the ship and look like a team that might hit .500 at some point in the season. Then they lost their star indefinitely to a stress fracture.

Here because LeBron James doesn’t think things will get better soon. He knows the front office isn’t going to make any big changes, so that’s pretty much where he’s at at this point for this team.

NBA News: LeBron James gets real about Anthony Davis injury

“The reality is that without AD we lose a lot of length, which we don’t already have”, said James. “So we have to recover in a way that without AD is very, very difficult. So I think at one point we had a range of beliefs [Austin Reaves, at 6-5] he was the tallest boy on the court. So you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out [that Davis is sorely missed]. »

Also, when asked if the Lakers were strong enough to bounce back, the veteran forward he didn’t sound too optimistic. On the contrary, he knows that they are largely responsible for:

“I think I see it this way” said James. “I look at things from the other side too, like, how many times are you going to try to dig until you have too much dirt? »

“At the end of the day, I love to play basketball” James concluded. “I always love to go out and play in front of fans, whether at home or on the road. And I’m just trying to control what I can control. I show up and try to lead these guys and try to lead to the win, and obviously there have been times where it’s been frustrating. There were moments when I was happy. There were moments where I was like, ‘OK, we can do better here,’ or whatever. But I always try to stay balanced. »

Rob Pelinka he’s unlikely to make any moves, however. So, it seems the front office is more than comfortable with losing another year of LeBron’s contract to keep his first-round picks. Obviously, they have more faith in a high school student.

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