NES and SNES, farewell to creator Masayuki Uemura: he was 78 years old

The gaming world mourns Masayuki Uemurathe main architect of Famicom and Super Famicon, consoles better known to us under the name of nes (Nintendo Entertainment System) e SNES. According to the local newspaper Oricon NewsUemura died on December 6 at the age of 78 years old. The announcement came from Ritsumeikan University, where Uemura worked as director of the Games Research Center after leaving Nintendo in 2004.

masayuki uemura 10 12 2021

Creator of two iconic consoles that have brightened the days of many of us, he began his professional career in sharpwhere he sold photocell technology to various companies, including his future home, Nintendo.

Once joined the Iwata House in 1979Uemura found himself working with Gunpei Yokoi(inventor of the d-pad) to integrate photocell technology in games where you shoot electronic guns (who remembers the NES Zapper?). Later, the man was also involved in the development of Nintendo’s first rudimentary consoles, known as Color TV-Game.

Everything for the changes in 1981When the then president Yamauchi called him instructing it to create a console,”a system that could play cartridge games“He always liked to call me after he had a few drinks,” Uemura said in an interview with Kotaku, “so I didn’t give it much thought, I just said ‘sure, boss’ and hung up. The next morning he came up to me, sober, and said, ‘For that thing we talked about, are you there?’, it hit me, he was serious.”

Thus was born the Famicom, or the NES, a console from 1983 that became a real worldwide phenomenon with nearly 62 million units sold and clearing, albeit in part, home consoles at a time when we found ourselves playing on the cabinets of bars and arcades.

Uemura then led work on the Super Famicom, whose global launch as the SNES further cemented Nintendo’s reputation in the industry, and also produced a number of NES games, including Ice Climber and three sports titles.