Nikon D500 ‘discontinued’ worldwide: Is this the end of APS-C sports DSLRs?

Nikon D500 was one of the most capable cameras of recent years, showing, on the reduced DX format, many features borrowed from the flagship D5 SLR, starting with the system Active 153-point AFwhich in the case of the D500, in practice, covers almost the entire field of view.

Nikon D500: the ultimate queen of APS-C sports SLRs?

Nikon D500: the ultimate queen of APS-C sports SLRs?

A professional APS-C sports DSLR with sensor 20.9 megapixel CMOS, sensitivity 100-51200 native ISO, 10 fps burst (2 more than the D300s) which can be sustained for 200 compressed 14-bit RAWs or 79 uncompressed 14-bit RAWs. It arrived on our market in February 2016, with a price list that started, for the bodywork alone, from 2,300.

Today, just under six years later, the curtain seems to have fallen on this model and in the absence of a direct heir camera – perhaps – we can also say on the prosumer and professional segment of APS SLRs -VS.

nikon d500 non disponibile nital gen2022

In many stores around the world, from the USA to Canada, but also on the sites of major European retailers, the Nikon D500 appears as ‘abandoned‘. Fallen to 1,799, sul website/e-shop from the Italian distributor nitalcamera says “Not Available”, but still says “Notify me when available‘.

The road mapped out without a mirror, even for flagships

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Canon has already said that the EOS-1 D Mark III will remain its last flagship DSLR, Nikon not unbalanced in this sense, but the effort put into the launch of the Nikon Z9 (and theexcellent result achieved) suggest that the path might be the same. Prosumer APS-C DSLR range is probably following closely, increasingly colonized by mirrorless cameras, including full-frame cameras, which are now able to offer burst and focus performance in a more compact format. , often higher.

What do you think? An essential step? Does anyone still shoot with a Nikon D500 (or comparable performance DSLR)? Has anyone ever gone mirrorless?

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