Nissan Micra, here is the electric one that will replace it. The alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi is all about electric

Big news from the alliance was expected yesterday Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, some of which had already been anticipated by Reuters earlier this week. The three companies did better, even going beyond expectations and rumors.

The roadmap for the new alliance has its own full focus on electricwith a time horizon of 2030. In addition to the investments already decided, an additional 23 billion euros will arrive (the press had revealed only 20), to bring to the market 35 new fully electric vehicles (there too the rumors were on the decline, stopping at 30).

Nissan CMF-BEV

The salient points to arrive at this result are clear. The use of common platforms between the different brands involved will have to increase 80% by 2026, and all this will be accompanied by a new strategy on the production of batteries. On the main markets, Renault and Nissan will have a common supplier, in order to exploit better economies of scale and reduce prices. And by 2028, the goal is to solid state batteriesdeveloped by Nissan which, in addition to having double the energy density, could bring the cost down to just $65 per kWh.

There will be five platforms in common, covering all market segments, from super compacts to utility vehicles. Renault and Nissan also offered a delicious taste of one of them, the CMF-BEVdedicated to compact cars, and which will be used from 2024. This will lead to the birth of the new and expected Renault 5which we discover for the first time to be the “twin” of a Nissan car, seen in the following video, which will ideally replace the micra.

Nissan don’t call it electric microphone, but the proportions and appearance are very reminiscent of the very popular Japanese city car. In reality, the car will no longer be an Asian product, since it will be designed by Nissan, but built by Renault in the Electricity factories in northern France.