Nokia 9 PureView will not receive Android 11: the Finnish manufacturer explains why

With its renewed range of Android smartphones, Nokia promises software updates for two years on its devices. Sometimes the manufacturer was not very quick to release the latest news despite adopting a slightly customized version of the OS, however with Nokia 9 PureView, the problem will be handled differently. The company’s cameraphone, in fact, will not receive Android 11.


The novelty was anticipated by the Polish site of Nokiaindicating that the decision has been made so as not to distort the experience of the particular five-module rear camera. According to the company, the software and camera functions are not compatible with Android 11 and therefore with the update the main feature of the smartphone would be lost, which makes it unique not only in the range owner, but also on the market as a whole. .

For owners of Nokia 8 PureView who wish to upgrade to the new version of the operating system, the Polish division of HMD Global offers a 50% discount to be applied on Nokia phones running Android 11. This is a local announcement, but it could soon be applied worldwide, even in Italy. We therefore expect a similar announcement for our market as well.

What is special about the Nokia 9 PureView camera?

The smartphone’s camera uses five modules on the back: two RGB, the remaining three monochrome. Acting together, according to the company, they manage to capture 10 times more light than a single sensor of the same type. Every time you press the shutter button Nokia 9 PureView handles 60 megapixels of imaging data, which is then processed through the integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 ISP processor, DSP, GPU and CPU. The dedicated imaging co-processor sets exposure and white balance for each camera, so photos are balanced and natural.

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