NVIDIA Confirms GeForce RTX 2060 12GB: Support in New Drivers

The new NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 497.09 WHQL drivers (downloadable from GeForce Experience or from company website) confirm GeForce RTX 2060 12GB, video card coming to market in the coming weeks (we are talking about December 7). Support clearly stated in the release notes.

According to the latest rumors, the RTX 2060 12 GB will not offer 1920 CUDA cores like the RTX 2060 but 2176 like the RTX 2060 SUPER. In addition to the amount of onboard memory (8 GB vs 12 GB) there seem to be two other differences between the newcomer and the SUPER version: the first concerns the bus, a 192 bit and not 256 bits, whatever the TDP to be reached 184W compared to the 175W of the SUPER.

geforce rtx 2060 29 11 2021

It seems that Nvidia has no intention of launching the card with much fanfare: the newcomer, on the other hand, it won’t offer much different performance than the RTX 2060/SUPER (as demonstrated, in part, by a Russian modder) and has a purely commercial purpose, in fact it serves to better cope with the shortage and satisfy the demands of partners.

As for the new pilots, they include targeted optimizations for ICARUS, the new cooperative survival game from Dean Hall (creator of DayZ) and RocketWerkz. The new title supports DLSS and ray tracing (Global Illumination RTX, RTXGI). In particular, NVIDIA recalls that ICARUS is the first title to take advantage of the functionality Infinite Scroll Volumes by RTXGI.

“In the past, most global lights were prepared or baked and stored in lightmaps or probes for a static level or room. ICARUS has large external environments that can change when a forest is cut down or a base is built,” the developers explain.

“ICARUS leverages an RTXGI feature called Infinite Scrolling Volumes, which uses ray tracing to continuously update the global illumination volume around the player as they move around the world. This actually gives us an infinite volume of global illumination without requiring a huge amount of memory to save an infinite number of lighting probes”.

icarus game 01 12 2021

In short, as players cut down trees, erect buildings, and modify the environment, lighting is instantly updated to reflect these changes, allowing the forest floor, previously dark and shaded by canopies of trees, to appear illuminated once cleared of vegetation.

Finally, the new driver supports Chorus (DLSS) and Halo Infinitewith six new G-Sync compatible monitors which respond to the following names: ASUS XG27UQR, Dell G2722HS, Dell G3223D, Dell G2422HS, LG 32PG750 and MSI G273.

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