One Piece: the new Jump Remix edition is coming

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jump remix, the following manga to take advantage of that historic collector’s edition compact will be a play, the manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda who is preparing to reach the September 3, 2021 the Volume number 100.

one piece jump remix

The new edition of the manga includes a reprint of the 597 first chapters in 24 volumes (instead of 61 cannons). The first volume will consist of a total of 516 pages and will be released in Japan on September 3. Still, each month will be published two volumes, precisely the 1st And 3rd Friday of the month.

It was revealed in line the blanket of 1st volume which can be viewed below:

one piece jump remix

We specify that on September 3 it will still be released in Japan on Volume 12 of One piece magazine, magazine entirely dedicated to the universe created by Eiichiro Oda born on the occasion of the 20 years of manga. Here are the first details of the post.

One Piece: the road to volume 100 in Italy

a play approaches the Volume 100 also here in Italy thank you To Star comics.

As stated, the Volume 98 and the Volume 99 will also arrive in limited edition, called Celebrate the edition, with a modular illustration. Both volumes will be available in comics, bookstores and online stores, but the the edition will be limited in time, making the festive edition of issue 98 available until the release of volume 99, while the festive edition of issue 99 will be available until the release of volume 100.

The Celebrate the edition of one piece 98 will come out 25 August 2021 (you can book it here to Amazon). The number 99 has no date yet.

a play

a play: manga and anime

a play it’s a manga shonen written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda through the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. The manga series, at the heart of the story arc of Wano Country, Japan has reached 1022 chapters and 99 tankobon. In Italy, however, the series is published by Star Comics editions with 98 volumes available (you can pick it up on Amazon).

The latest manga releases are available for free and completely legal reading on MANGA More (ShueishaThe manga inspires an animated series directed by Animation Toei and has been running continuously since 1999. It has currently hit 988 episodes in total and traps the events of the story arc of the Wano Country.

one piece anime

In Italy, the broadcasting rights are Media set and currently has 579 dubbed episodes. The series can also be viewed legally, with Italian subtitles and with a premium account via the streaming platform of Crisp.

The franchise it has inspired video games, merchandising, manga spin-offs, animated feature films and a television series Netflix with real western players currently in development. Here are the final details.

“In the spooky world of One Piece there is no word ‘rest’, and the tireless spirit of Master Oda works tirelessly to bring new insane adventures to life for the strangest horde of pirates to live with! In Wa, Luffy’s party are almost done gathering companions and allies, and are now one step away from the planned raid on Orc’s Isle. Meanwhile, on the enemy’s side, the worst alliance sees the As Kaido toasts the “monstrous” partnership, the world situation begins to falter. “