Only 100% electric vehicles for Peugeot from 2030, in Europe

From 2030 Peugeot will move to a range based on new all-electric cars, at least as far as sales for European nations are concerned. Linda Jackson. The CEO of the company, however, pointed to this information, highlighting how internal combustion cars will be offered in international markets.

Thus, from 2030, at least in Europe, Peugeot will only offer new vehicles powered by 100% electricity with a transition that is therefore intended to last about 8 years compared to the product offering now at the tariff. This step is in line with what has already been announced by the Stellantis group for the cars of some of its brands: Per DS the reference year will be 2026, while for Alfa Romeo production of electric-only cars will coincide with 2027. By Vauxhallfinally, the switch to the all-electric range will arrive in 2028.


To achieve this result, Stellantis brands will use the new group platformsindicated by the names of STLA Small, AVERAGE And Big; their debut is expected from 2024.

Currently around 70% of the Peugeot range is electrified in one way or another, including all-electric cars and others with plug-in hybrid engines. A transition to the sale of electric-only vehicles by 2030 involves both an initial gradual shift in purchasing preferences towards electrified cars, which is already evident now, with a subsequent acceleration towards the purchase of fully electric vehicles which will probably already be evident before 2030.