OPPO, cameras developed with Hasselblad on the next Find X: the partnership is official

Oppo announced a three-year partnership with Hasselblad, iconic camera maker. The purpose of the collaboration “Develop cutting-edge camera technologies together starting with the flagship Find X series”, as announced by the manufacturer itself, focusing for example in the field of color grading and mobile imaging. OPPO and OnePlus will now be able to benefit from the advantages of technologies Hasselblad mobile camera.

Oppo |  Hasselblad mobile camera

Recall that OPPO and OnePlus have already announced the brand integration operation, so the research and development resources of the two companies have already been pooled to maximize efficiency and improve user experience, and this will also be reflected in the brands’ collaboration with Hasselblad.

The next OPPO Find X will benefit from the collaboration with Hasselblad

Oppo has often highlighted the photographic sector of its flagship smartphones, and invests heavily in innovative and sometimes exclusive imaging technologies. We are referring, for example, to the Microlens that we saw on Find X3 Pro, or to the new NPU designed precisely for imaging that was officially announced at the end of 2021, MariSilicon X. With the collaboration with Hasselblad, the company wants to deepen further its know-how in the field of high-level imaging, bringing its advantages also to the terminals produced by OPPO, and not only to OnePlus.

OPPO and Hasselblad, reads the note published by the Chinese company, will work together to develop “advanced imaging solutions through the collaboration of respective R&D departments, to provide users with more natural colors and a more refined photographic experience”. It’s conceivable that the company’s next line of smartphones will incorporate technologies to improve color rendition, for example when it comes to Portrait mode skin tones and other elements.

OPPO’s product manager, Pete Laucommented on the novelty as follows:

“Following the successful collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad over the past year, we are very pleased to see the partnership enter a new phase of development, offering more and more users around the world the opportunity to enjoy of the legendary Hasselblad mobile imaging experience. Camera color performance has always been OPPO’s focus and is part of Hasselblad’s DNA. We are excited to be able to explore the future of the Hasselblad camera for mobile together. »

The brand “OPPO | Hasselblad Mobile Camera” will be introduced for the first time in the next-generation OPPO Find X series, with the new smartphones expected in the first quarter of 2022.

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