OPPO Community: A family of loyal users. Here’s how it’s done and how it works

OPPO has its own community! A digital platform that is more than just a forum. a virtual space where you can have your own experiences with the company’s products while sharing the same passion for technology and the OPPO brand. A brand new platform that OPPO has decided to create precisely to involve its people Italian ”community” has grown in number in recent years.

A platform which has different sections where to find OPPO news, Product information of the company between smartphones, connected watches and even earphones. And not only because there is a section on Promotions, seasonal contests and again the sections where to find assistance or answers to questions or maybe even gods tutorials do something special.

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Just registerclearly totally free, and being able to experience the real world of OPPO immediately and up close also via a dedicated app. And not only because OPPO for the launch of its Community has also decided to reward its users and each action performed on the platform, from creating a profile, to commenting, to writing a review and much more, allows users toaccumulate OPPO Points with which to have immediate discounts to use onOPPO Store Andcollect Ollie badges, which identify the level reached within the Community. But let’s see in detail how the platform works.

OPPO community: how to register and the profile section

As mentioned actively participate in OPPO Community need to register. all entirely free and this means that once registered in the portal, it will be possible to perform any type of action completely free and also unlimited.

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Each user will therefore have their own profile that they can personalize with the image of the avatar as well as with a background image, so as to make it immediately recognizable by others. You can add information about the person such as place of residence or date of birth and much more. Certain information relating to your situation on the Community will then appear on the profile page: in the meantime, the place in the general classification remembered based on activity on the Community. Then the summary of available points which can then be converted into coupons for the purchase of OPPO products.

Always I Badges obtained on the basis, here too, of the interaction on the Community. THE son that were created or in which participated, the number of your followersTHE photo that have been posted on the Community and still the pins that have managed to recover. And on pins We will talk later. On the home page of your profile will also appear the notifications of the vati points obtained from the actions carried out on the platform, then the posts published and always the personal discussion threads in addition to the favorites.

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Directly from your personal page or even from the OPPO community home It is possible to perform three distinct actions using the three corresponding buttons: create a discussion thread, write a review or participate in the Christmas contest (This will clearly change depending on the season or even a particular OPPO event).

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Three quick and direct actions which will lead to three times more Community sections and which will allow you to interact or have others interact with your fellow brand and technology lovers.

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OPPO Community: News

There is the News section that the OPPO community wanted to devote precisely to news about OPPO products, promotions, news and everything that revolves around the company.

  • News: the section only reports all the previews and news about the world of OPPO.
  • Rumors: a section that clearly cannot be missing in any community and that allows you to share all kinds of indiscretions about the world of OPPO and the arrival of any new product that has not yet been made official.

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  • Specials: the section that allows you to stay informed of offers, promotions but also discounts that the company offers during the year on its products or on product packs
  • Christmas contest: in this case the Christmas one but OPPO will be ready to enrich this section also in the future with competitions based on the season or particular events. However, here it will allow you to upload a photo based on the contest topic and involve the whole community trying to win different prizes.

OPPO Community: The Forum

undoubtedly the liveliest part of the OPPO community. The reason is obvious: here we will talk about everything and users loyal to OPPO will be able to express everything about their products, the arrival of new products or technological innovations or even request information from other users, help solve certain problems. or follow tutorials.

  • Say hello to the community: the section is the classic of the forums where as soon as you register you introduce yourself. A section therefore where it is possible to write a simple presentation message, thus sharing passions or even just a presentation photo.
  • Let’s talk about: a space to ”discuss” and indeed here it is possible to say everything.
  • Comments: the word to OPPO users about OPPO products. The section where you can write a personal review of the company’s products you own, allowing you to understand what works and what doesn’t of a smartphone, smartwatch or other device.

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  • Help and questions: the section where you can learn more about OPPO products or services and more.
  • Tutorials: a section that allows the community to make the most of the brand’s products and therefore guarantees those who may not know some tricks of ColorOS or a smartphone to be able to discover them directly from the Community.
  • OPPO devices: a section where you can tell about your experience with OPPO products.

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OPPO Community: Products

The community section regarding OPPO products is important. Here it is possible for users to find information, discussions or even simple shots made by the products of the Chinese company. A section that can create interesting ideas among users who perhaps want to make people understand the goodness of the smartphone through the publication of a particular image created with an OPPO. Here are all the sections:

  • Find Series X
  • Reno Series
  • a league
  • Wearables
  • audio

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OPPO Community: The Store

A section that directly refers to the Store cannot be missing brand new from OPPO. We have already talked a lot about the virtual store of the Chinese company our specific article. We showed you how OPPO Store turns out to be a real virtual platform in which the user can buy all the company’s latest generation smartphones, as well as smartwatches, smartbands and any type of accessory that comes with the different products in the range, including cases, wireless chargers, electricity and cables. But that’s not all, because in the store the user can discover all the most interesting details of each product, being able to target the purchase according to their own budget and needs.

OPPOCommunity 2

HERE you can find the OPPO store

OPPO Community: How to Earn Points

OPPO Points allow users to access personalized content and promotions tailored to users. In fact, with the accumulated points it is possible to collect Ollie badges and then have access to discounts that can be spent on the OPPO store or even to participate in exclusive games.

How can I earn OPPO Points?

  • On OPPO Store by purchasing OPPO products: 1 OPPO point is paid for every euro spent.
  • On OPPO Community: every action users take allows you to accumulate OPPO points and collect OLLIE badges. For example: registering is 100 OPPO points, uploading photos is 50 OPPO points, completing the profile is an additional 50 OPPO points, and there are still points for “editorial” actions such as opening a new thread, leaving a comment, also having subscribers. and much more.

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How to use OPPO Points?

It is possible to use OPPO points to request coupons that will allow you to have immediate discounts. In this case, just select the product you want to buy, add it to the shopping cart on OPPO Store, and then enter the discount code. What discount can you get with OPPO Points?

  • 500 OPPO Points = 5 discount (on 25 minimum spend)
  • 1000 OPPO Points = 10 discount (on 100 minimum spend)
  • 2000 OPPO Points = 20 discount (on 200 minimum spend)
  • 3000 OPPO Points = 30 discount (on 300 minimum spend)
  • 4000 OPPO Points = 40 discount (on 400 minimum spend)
  • 5000 OPPO Points = 50 discount (on 500 minimum spend)

OPPO Community: there is also an Android application

And let’s not forget that OPPO has gone big since it was built and released at the same time. OPPO Community mobile app for Android. present on the Google Play Store and can be installed on any smartphone and allows to have everything that we have just described but directly on your smartphone with a responsive layout capable of making the different sections of the platform fast and very intuitive.

OPPOCommunity 10 OPPOCommunity 11

Through the app, you can do it all. Create new threads, but also add your own reviews and always enter contests. And clearly through the application, which we remember can only be installed on Android devices, you can easily upload the photos taken with your OPPO in order to share them with your friends on the forum.