OPPO has its first foldable! Meet Find N: two screens, three cameras and lots of innovation

On the second day of the annual OPPO INNO DAY event, Oppo unveils its first foldable flagship smartphone: OPPO Find N. A smartphone that other competitors have been manufacturing for some time but that here OPPO wanted to create sparingly and with a work of experience by offering a device already in tune with the times and not a prototype. OPPO Find N is the result of four years of research and development and six generations of prototypes. In fact, the foldable smartphone brings with it a new take on the foldable form factor and offers a renewed user experience both for people who have used foldable devices in the past, and for those who have never experienced them.

The new form factors usher in an exciting new period in smartphone technology. OPPO has invested a lot of time and effort into finding a better approach to a foldable smartphone, experimenting with a number of form factors, hinge designs, display materials and aspect ratios, to create a new device that meets the needs of most users. . With OPPO Find N, we aim to change people’s perception of what a smartphone can offer and start making foldable devices more accessible to an even wider audience.“, he comments Pete Lau, OPPO Product Manager.


OPPO Find N: this is why it is different from the others

Let’s start with its technologies. Yes because OPPO Find N combines advanced technology and unprecedented quality create an experience foldable improved. This means delivering a fully functional compact smartphone when closed and an intuitive and immersive landscape display when open.

Yes, because for the first time on a foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N uses a landscape report for internal displayensuring users have a better balance when switching between 7.1-inch internal immersive display to 5.49-inch external display. This allows for a full experience without compromising on size or usability. Effectively with a aspect ratio from 8.4:9, the internal screen opens directly in mode countryside so that users can watch videos, play games or read books without having to rotate the device. When folded, the 18:9 aspect ratio gives users a full and familiar experiencecomfortable to use even with one hand.


When it comes to leaflets, it is normal to worry about the folding mechanism and therefore the device in general. Here we have the so-called OPPO Find N’s Flexion Hinge which brings together 136 components with extreme precision up to 0.01 mm, this ensures smooth operation, like the joints of the human body. The unique teardrop design solves some of the biggest problems with foldable devices by enlarging the corner of the screen bends and provides a cushion when the screen closesresulting in minimal crease, up to 80% less noticeable than other devices, according to TÜV. This design also eliminates the gap between the screens when folded, providing a more integrated look and better protecting the internal screen from scratches.

The articulated and spring-loaded structure of the Flexion hinge allows the device to remain balanced when open at an angle between 50 and 120 degrees. In addition to a number of software features that take advantage of the foldable display, the OPPO Find N’s FlexForm mode gives users the flexibility to adapt the device to a variety of usage scenarios.


OPPO has customized the user interface to work better and more efficiently with compatible apps such as Music, Notes, and Camera. When using the Notes app, for example, OPPO Find N can turn into a mini laptop that lets you take notes without having to hold the device in your hand. Standing at different angles, OPPO Find N doubles as a tripod, making 4K HD time-lapse images, video calls, and online meetings hands-free easy and intuitive.

As for the display instead. Let’s talk about a Serene screen from OPPO, manufactured and customized with 12 different layersoffers excellent protection and durability and integrates with the Flexion hinge for the perfect folding experience. The screen includes a 0.03mm layer of Flexion UTG (ultra-thin glass), compared to 0.6 mm for an ordinary smartphone glass, which allows it to bend easily, while ensuring strong resistance. The Serene Display is also very reliable: it has the capacity to be folded over 200,000 times maintain an overall crease-free folding experience, as verified by TUV.


The internal display uses a LTPO display with smart dynamic refresh technology which adjusts the refresh rate between 1-120Hz depending on the content you are watching. The internal screen also supports a touch sampling rate of up to 1000Hz. OPPO has fine-tuned the brightness and color calibration between the internal and external screens to ensure users have a smooth experience. Both screens offer 10,240 levels of automatic brightnessproviding comfort in all types of complex lighting environments, with peak brightness up to 1000 nits.

It is inevitable that when we talk about a folding device, we are not talking about software. Yes, because a great software experience on a foldable device takes full advantage of the new form factor and gives users a new smartphone experience. Find N’s 7.1-inch internal screen offers a 60% larger viewing area than a standard 6.5-inch screencreating a more immersive experience and more opportunities for software innovations in use scenarios such as multitasking and productivity. To get the full experience of a tablet when unfolded, OPPO Find N includes new gestures to make side-by-side multitasking more intuitive.


When using a compatible app, simply use two fingers and swipe toward the center of the device to split the screen in two, or turn a full-screen window into a resized window by simply pinching it with four fingers. OPPO Find N also supports traditional gestures split-screen features, such as long-pressing and dragging compatible icons, allowing you to save commonly used multi-app split-screen combinations to your home screen.


OPPO Find N software is optimized to allow users to easily and naturally switch between the two screens. When you open the phone, content streams seamlessly from the external screen to the main internal screen. And when folding the device, the user can slide up on the lid to continue using the same function on the external display. Plus, a variety of keyboard customizations for the large internal display, including a split keyboard that makes it easier to use two thumbs to type, help maximize productivity.

It is clear that from OPPO we cannot fail to expect a smartphone with a prestigious photographic sector. OPPO Find N equipped with a triple camera setup for high quality photos and videos. Includes a Sony IMX 766 50MP main sensorA goal 16MP ultra-wide it’s a 13MP telephoto lens, as well as selfie cameras on the internal and external displays. Which also changes the way you take photos with OPPO Find N.

OPPO Find N’s Flexion hinge allows the device to act as a tripod. For example, FlexForm mode makes 4K HD time-lapse easy and hands-free if you hold your phone at an angle between 50 and 120 degrees, while three modes in the time-lapse feature – light trails, night sky, sun and clouds – optimize photo and video settings with one click. When the camera is tilted at an angle of less than 60 degrees, the screen automatically shifts the preview image to the lower display for easier shooting setup.


A new camera user interface OPPO Find N gives you the ability to use the large, immersive internal display to efficiently take photos on one side, then view, share or delete the most recent photo on the other side. When taking photos from the main camera with the display open, you can use the internal and external displays to preview your photo. The even more powerful rear camera can be used to take even higher quality selfies, using the front screen to preview the image. Selfies can also be taken using hand gestures, allowing you to easily stay in frame without having to press the shutter button.

OPPO Find No equipped with the mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 888with 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. A big 4500mAh battery offers all-day battery life, while the SUPERVOOC 33W Flash Charge optimized for battery charging up to 55% in 30 minutes and 100% in 70 minutes. AIRVOOC 15W wireless charging (compatible with Qi standard) and 10W reverse wireless charging are also available. There is also a side fingerprint reader in the power button of the smartphone, as well as a dual speaker with Dolby Atmos support to provide a more enveloping and realistic sound.

OPPO Find No use for the first time on a foldable phone a 3D curved design on both outer edges of the device, to improve grip and maintain a sleek look. The cover and rear camera module feature the same design with curved and flowing lines as the Find X3. The tapered lines visually lower the height of the camera module, while the rear panel Gorilla Glass Victus and ceramic camera plate combine an elegant touch with a tasteful finish.


OPPO Find N: availability

OPPO Find No available in three distinct colors: Black, white and purple and will be available in China from December 23, 2021.