OPPO presents a new retractable lens camera for smartphones

In a few days (December 14) the anthem of the world Of Oppo where the Chinese manufacturer of smart phones will present several innovations under development. For “seduce” users during these hours, a new video has been released showing a new design for the rear camera of smartphones.

As is known, different ways can be chosen to contain the thickness and bulk. For example, you can limit the elements in the optics (with loss of quality) or, as in the design “periscope” you reduce the vertical thickness by moving the elements horizontally (Find X2 Pro). What if a third way could be taken? This is what he thought and developed in-house from Oppo.

OPPO and the smartphone teaser with the retractable rear camera

be a video teasers, we will only find out the news of this technology in a few days. However, what we can know right away is part of the idea behind the rear camera with retractable design (and probably partially or totally telescopic).

oppo retractable camera

As with traditional compact cameras, even in this case when the camera of the smart phones when not in use the lens retracts reducing the thickness and protecting it. Instead, when the user wants to use this camera, the lens sticks out more.

This design is very interesting because it reduces the overall volume and the horizontal surface but it could also have some flaws. Oppo but he wants to prove that retractable lens cameras are possible and with few limits (at least that’s what you can guess).

opposite smartphone

For example, the mechanism seems to be raincoat (we don’t know with which certification) and also at the falls even in extension. These two points are among the main flaws of this design that the Chinese manufacturer seems to have overcome, however.

According to the technical information, the new rear camera retractable Of Oppo has an equivalent focal length (at full frame) of 50mm with opening of f/2.4. For what concern sensor it is rather a model of 1/1.56″ (probably a Sony IMX766). It is therefore a solution similar to other periscope cameras, particularly with regard to the maximum aperture.

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