OVHcloud launches its Data Center-as-a-Service

As cloud adoption continues to grow globally, including in Italy, the on-premises data center will not cease to exist. There is indeed a resistance on the part of some companies to rely on the public cloud, both for regulatory compliance reasons and for a security issue: some companies prefer to have greater guarantees on the control of their information. The new offer of OVH Cloud is designed to meet these needs and overcome perplexities: in fact, it is a a service data center as a service (DCaaS).

The Data Center is as-a-Service with the new OVHCloud offer

A Data Center-as-a-Service consists of a series of cloud services that “run” on a set of resources owned by OVHcloud and dedicated to a single customer. These material resources can be physically located in OVHcloud centers, or on customer premises, where they will however be managed by OVHcloud staff: iThe dedicated cloud is controlled by the company and extends the control available in the provider’s public cloud.

Cold water

The offer is available in four variants:

Privatizedin which the data center equipment is physically located in the OVHcloud premises, and is separated by cages from other servers;

White marklike the previous one but without the separation cages of the data centers of other companies;

Powered by OVHcloudwhere the hardware is provided and managed by OVHcloud, but is installed in the customer’s data center;

sharelike the previous one, but with OVHcloud shared hardware.

The advantages of the DCaaS model

The advantages offered by a Data Center-as-a-Service approach lie mainly in the possibility of adopting a cloud model, with the agility and flexibility that this implies (and the transfer of costs from CapEx to OpEX), while retaining full control over the data, being able to decide where it resides. A fundamental detail for those who manage very sensitive data and for reasons of security or regulatory compliance must have the certainty of greater control over the information, information which in some cases (think of the medical sector) cannot leave the Italian or European borders, and therefore they must reside in data centers located in these areas.

Basically, the DCaaS offering combines elements of the offerings IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) e PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) by OVHcloud, data center infrastructure, automation technologies and customer support processes into a mini data center solution dedicated to the needs of a single customer.

Different server configurations are available based on the OVHcloud water cooling system which guarantees high energy efficiency, thus helping to reduce costs and polluting emissions.