Panos Panay will now advise Satya Nadella directly

If there was one person who worried about trying to keep the drinking zone active, it was Panos Panay. After gaining some relevance to the Surface brand, he was promoted last year to lead the teams of corporate Windows devices and software. And he seems to be doing well because he’s been promoted again. You will now become Executive Vice President within the management team. He advises Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as reported Bloomberg.

Panos Panay becomes Executive Vice President of Microsoft

Panos Panay has succeeded not only in making Surface a benchmark but also in presenting various innovations such as Surface Duo or Surface Studio. From a business perspective, this means that Windows will have a seat among the senior managers for the first time since the old boss of Windows Terry myerson he left in 2018. It shows how Satya Nadella once again considers Windows an important part of Microsoft.

The main victim could be Rajesh jha, who was executive vice president of Microsoft experiences and devices. The same happens with others in Microsoft’s leadership page. This page appears to have been recently replaced by a small list of Senior executives instead of the above list of “Senior leaders”. But several Microsoft EVPs like the leader Xbox Phil spencer and the leader in Cloud + IA Scott Guthrie they are not back on the list yet. Moreover, there is no evidence that their roles have changed at all.

Anyway, it seems that Panos Panay continues to rise through the corporate ranks. This is great news for Microsoft’s consumer sector, which is gaining ground. It looks like the good work on Surface and now Windows and the results you are racking up show the relevance of Windows.