Pezzotto: crime, risks and fines

Unfortunately, hacking is an increasingly common form of hacking (according to the latest reports, more than 10 million Italians have used one), in this article we will see in detail how it works technically and what are the main reasons to move away from it.

The coin replaced pirate set-top boxes that allowed you to watch pay-TV streaming services, without paying the monthly fee.

Generally, coin is the most popular way to view games in a hacked way.

How does the room work?

How does the room work?

Thepezzotto is nothing more than the combination of a normal Android TV box, which some mistakenly call a decoder, with a private IPTV list containing the channels that usually broadcast matches.

To work it needs an internet connection, in fact the channels in the IPTV list are normal live video streams.

It is therefore a means, sometimes chosen superficially by many (who do not even realize that they are committing a crime), to watch matches, sporting events (by DAZN and not only) and television series also by Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus, save money.

Indeed, thanks to the “pezzotto”, instead of paying the full price of legitimate subscriptions, using pirated subscriptions you pay a much lower price (typically around 10€ per month).

People who use hacking are unfortunately very numerouscausing great damage to the legitimate owners of the content and increasingly frequent raids by the Postal Police and the Guardia di Finanza.

How do law enforcement find out who is using the shotgun?

This is one of the most interesting parts of our article, we explained that thepezzotto is actually a private IPTV list and how an IPTV technically works.

Each of us when connected to the net, must have a IP adress unique, which almost looks like a car license plate. Being unique, it allows network protocols to establish which packets we send and which response packets from servers are addressed to us.

Thus, from the IP address, it is quite simple to trace the holder of the Internet supply contract. Obviously, this data is provided to law enforcement as part of their investigations to identify hackers.

Emblematic was the case of the end of the 2021-22 football championship, when the postal police, after defeating an organization that managed an IPTV server with thousands and thousands of Italian contacts, left the server active to take the addresses IP of all users who have logged in.
Thus the postal police were able to produce evidence against connected users who could be prosecuted and expose themselves to heavy penalties.

What crime does someone who uses the spear commit?

Whoever uses the extract commits the same crime as whoever uses an IPTV list. Many are mistakenly convinced that only those providing the hacked service are at risk, in fact now there are more and more cases of “customers” who have been in trouble with the law.

Unfortunately, you not only risk a fine as it happened, starting with the Cassation sentence n. 46443/2017 things have changed a lot.
Indeed, the Cassation confirmed the sentence of the Court of Appeal that it had pronounced following the law 633/1941 art. 171-octies fined a citizen €2,000 for using the card-sharing system to watch pay-per-view broadcasters without paying.

Now anyone, by any means, including IPTV and pezzotto lists, trying to watch pay channels without paying dues to proprietary companies is a big risk.

Today, even customers risk a criminal sanction in addition to the compensation to be paid to the violated pay-TVagain for copyright infringement.
The penalties are not cheap at all and range from 2,582 euros to 25,822 euros, plus a prison term of at least six months to three years.

More and more often, the news gave us news of several raids that shut down the servers of various fences and identified, denounced and even hit the customers.

Why Do Hackers Recommend Having a VPN Service?

When users ask for more and more information about the “security” IPTV lists (and therefore pezzotto) receivers invite them to adopt a no logs VPN service to be safe. But one can wonder if this is a real solution, or just a way to reassure ineffective.

From a certain point of view, using a VPN is technically efficientgood VPN services for a very low price allow you to hide a user’s IP address while protecting their anonymity on the web.

At this stage, however, the method of payment is of crucial importance, using a traceable means it is too easy for the authorities to identify the customers of an IPTV receiver (or a “pezzotto”), even then using a good VPN service it is still much more difficult to prove that the user has actually used the list and watched the channels (he may have bought it but never used it).

So, in conclusion, it is true that a good paid VPN service (free services due to inherent limitations are not fit for purpose), could protect users from most risks.

Are there any IPTV listings with built-in VPN?

Some business-savvy IPTV providers, sensing user fears, claim that their IPTV listings have a built-in VPN. So they should be “safe” according to their account.

In fact, technically it is not possible, a VPN service needs a client on the device that connects to the server (usually therefore on your own TVbox). An IPTV list alone cannot guarantee any security and cannot integrate any VPN into it.

The other hazards of the room

In addition to the offence, the mega fine and the risk of ending up in prison, it must be remembered that whoever provides the IPTV lists and the a cybercriminal.

On the one hand, therefore, by paying the “pezzotto”, the networks of cybercriminals are financed, on the other hand, it is necessary to be careful not to provide them with your personal and financial data so as not to end up in scams.

There’s also another ethical reason, if no one pays content producers, they’ll soon be unable to produce the live broadcasts and broadcasts of sporting events (like games) that we love.