Philips TV: new 807 range with OLED EX panel up to 77 inches and The One now also at 120 Hz

TP Vision announces the new features of its 2022 TV range, confirming the strategy seen so far. At the top of the range we find the new 807 OLED TV sporting the latest generation of EX OLED Panels deuterium, with a brightness increased by 30% and an even smaller frame.

Philips OLED807

TP Vision philips oled 807 600

Under the body we find the new (sixth) generation of the P5 AI processor, which offers a series of new features, including intelligent response to ambient lightingwith dynamic changes to settings like brightness, colors, and blue light protection.

For lovers of cinematic experiences in the living room, the menu now offers seven “Cinema” viewing modes: we find the Home Cinema profile ‘home’, but also the support of standards Filmmaker mode, Dolby Vision Dark And Light. Not only that: there is also content support IMAX Enhanced more profile Calman dedicated to calibration. For those less accustomed to choosing the best profile, we find the option ‘AI auto movie mode‘. HDR-level support includes Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+ and adaptive HDR10+.

The simplified status menu and the two ISF profiles are now called Expert; the standard profile becomes “Eco”, while the “Vivid” profile becomes Crystal Clear, with new settings for sharpness, contrast and brightness.

Focus also on games, with the introduction of game barwhich is superimposed even during the game, without having to leave it to enter the main menu and make quick settings, with profiles dedicated to the different types of game. Naturally we find HDMI 2.1 ports with e-Arc, the VRR support for 4K from 40Hz to 120Hz with full 48Gbps bandwidth (444, 12-bit), FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC compatibility, as well as Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes.

News also on Ambilight technology, with the new version Ambilight One LED pixels, which provides greater accuracy in frame color rendition to better reproduce on-screen images, creating an even more immersive environment around the TV. Philips data indicates that out of 10 consumers who bought a TV with Ambilight 8, they would not give up this technology when buying a new product.

On the audio side The Philips OLED807 has an improved 2.1 audio system which is more powerful and credited with 70W of power with a rear-facing bass speaker and supported by four passive radiators. The set is also part of the Philips TV & Wireless Home System – powered by wireless technology DTS PlayFi tailor-made – and can be used as part of an app-controlled, high-resolution multi-room audio system, with simple and seamless connection between compatible TVs, mobile devices, soundbars and speakers, located in the whole house.

Philips OLED807 will be on sale in Italy from Q3 2022 at the following suggested retail prices: Philips OLED807 48″: €1,499; Philips OLED807 55″: €1,799; Philips OLED807 65″: €2,499and 77″ Philips OLED807″: €3,999.

That’s why I wrote to you

TP Vision philips the one 8807 600

That’s why I wrote to you It is the flagship product of the Philips offer and presents itself as the television for everyone, with premium features, an affordable price and above all great ease of installation. The new range is growing up to 86 inches with fifth generation processor. The Android TV operating system is part of this concept of simplicity, complemented by compatibility with the DTS Play-Fi system, with the possibility of adding soundbars and wireless stereo satellites in a very simple way, even without thread.

New is a range of 120Hz panel models alongside standard 60Hz models, of course with HDMI 2.1, e-ARC, VRR support for 4K 48Hz to 120Hz with full 48Gbps bandwidth , plus FreeSync Premium compatibility and Auto-Low-Latency mode.

The new Philips The One 8807 Performance series will be available in Italy from the second quarter of 2022 at the following recommended retail prices: Philips 8807 43″: 699 euros; Philips 8807 50″: 799 euros; Philips 8807 55″: 899 euros; Philips 8807 65″: €1,099; Philips 8807 75″: €1,499 and Philips 8807 of 86: €2,999.

The new The One Philips B8507 3.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar will be available in Italy from the third quarter of 2022 at the recommended retail price of 449.99 euros.