Pink screens and iPhone crashed: according to Apple it’s a software problem

The latest generation iPhones seem to be affected by a bug, according to Apple of a software nature, which manifests itself through a pink screen. Suddenly, in a seemingly random fashion, the screen takes on a pink tint and the device becomes inoperable or crashes.

iphone13 pink 720

According to the law on Apple Discussion Forum or on Reddit, in some cases Apple replaced the smartphone under warranty, but the replacement models also started showing the defect after a few weeks. Also, Apple doesn’t always seem to treat the issue the same way, as many users have been denied replacements because the issue was believed to be a software bug. Instead, it seems almost certain that the bug is limited exclusively to latest generation iPhones.

iPhone 13 series bugs, purple screens and iPhone crashes

Not yet clear if there is a trigger causing the crash: “I had the same problem when taking a photo, the screen turned pink and the smartphone froze and then restarted”was the testimony of a user: “I called Apple Support and they diagnosed there was no problem. So I’m going to have to stick with it until it happens again or it will continue to happen.”

iphone13 pink

The bug manifested itself to other users in a completely different way, such as following a reboot after encountering instability with GPS or other features. On my pilots reads a comment from Apple on the subject, published on the Weibo platform: “We have not detected any significant defects in the hardware of the devices, because the problem occurs when the system is blocked”, reads one. According to the source, Apple recommends users to back up your data and install the latest available update solve the problem. The bug, however, is not explicitly reported in the changelogs of any of the latest releases, not even the one tied to the iOS 15.3 release candidate.

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