Pixel 6s boost Google sales: new smartphones are popular

The Pixel 6 brings Google back to the smartphone side. Or at least that seems to be the direction Google is heading with new quarter results reported by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, who said that in the fourth quarter of 2021, the Pixel 6 set the sales records. for the period compared to all of the company’s Pixel smartphones.

Google: users really like the new Pixel 6

The Alphabet CEO’s words only resonate strongly in the tech world after the company hasn’t had great results with its smartphones in recent years. During the’meeting with investorsSundar Pichai illustrated the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2021. Here he used these words to make us understand what happened during this last period: In the fourth quarter, we established a quarterly sales record for Pixels. And this despite an extremely difficult picture for the supply chain. The response to the Pixel 6 from our customers and partners has been overwhelmingly positive.

Words that arrive a few hours later official launch in the Italian market of the Pixel 6 familywhich we remember sees the presence of a double version, the ” basic ” called Pixel 6 and the more expensive but also more refined and premium, namely Pixel 6 Pro. In this case, we know that the arrival on the market was adventurous first in the United States and in other (few) countries during the month of October 2021.

It is clear that Sundar Pichai did not define exactly the quantity of Pixel 6 sold in the fourth quarter of last year, but in fact, it is possible that the Pixel 6 could become Google’s best-selling smartphone. If you want to know more about Pixel 6 and 6 Proyou can find more information directly HERE or you can also find our review on the Google Pixel 6 Pro on THIS PAGE.