Pokémon theory wonders if Nurse Joy is a Pokémon

Pokemon It’s been around for years and fans have grown around the franchise over those decades. From children to adolescents and adults, Pokemon The show has been with the fandom through most stages of life, and it’s given fans plenty of time to think about the story. And now it looks like Nurse Joy has come under fire as a new theory looms for the pink-haired nurse.

It all came to light when Nurse Joy appeared in an article on Reddit. User EXGSShadow was there points out that he has fans buzzing online hours later. After all, Nurse Joy could very well be a Pokémon, and the evidence is mounting.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

To this day, the harsh definition of a Pokémon is difficult to define, but there are tenants that fans go through. It turns out that Nurse Joy meets several of them and EXGShadow provided the receipts. Not only do we know that Nurse Joy can be found throughout the Pokémon universe in identical forms, but there are some weird variations as well. Nurse Joy was found wearing outerwear early Pokemon episodes, so you can think of these shots as shiny shapes.

Of course, fans have also encountered regional variations of Nurse Joy. Pokémon Series: Sun and Moon He said it very clearly when he showed Nurse Joy to the island. And if you thought that was it, think again! Nurse Joy has previously been shown as a girl in the anime with her mom. It turns out that Nurse Joy has identical offspring down to the hairstyle, so she looks quite suspicious of any other human.

With tens of thousands of comments, this Pokemon The theory turned into a total conspiracy at this point. The fandom has never watched Nurse Joy much, but the supporting character is definitely weird. If she isn’t a well-trained Ditto in disguise, Nurse Joy could very well be an otherworldly Pokemon. So if Ash wants to become a Pokémon Master, he will have to solve this mystery …

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