Polestar unveils future programs and new electric cars: meet the Polestar 5 and Polestar 3

The North Star the brand born as a spin off of VOLVOwhich only deals with electric cars, although the first born, polar star 1, was only plug-in hybrid. Since the Polestar 2, cars have become 100% battery-powered, and after the success of the midsize sedan, the Swedish brand is preparing for the future.

With a live event from Manhattan, he revealed what those programs are and what new cars we can expect to see in the short/medium term. We are starting with something new for 2022, namely the Polestar 3 electric SUVan image of which was shown with the camouflaged bodywork, but which still leaves the proportions to be understood.

The North Star

We still don’t know anything about this car from a technical point of view, but how the polar star 2 had the Tesla Model 3 in the viewfinder, it is plausible that the newcomer is trying to carve out a slice in the segment of Y-model.

The North Star

A year later, another SUV will arrive instead, polar star 4, of which we know nothing and have no pictures. Complete the circle of new launches there polar star 5new name but not a new car, as it is only the production version of the prototype Precept. Both a coupe and a luxury sedan, the car will arrive in 2025, equipped with a driver assistance LiDAR sensor. Polestar had also broadcast a series of documentaries on the birth of the prototype and its transformation into a production model. Here the first episode:

The conference was also an opportunity to talk about figures, in particular deliveries and the financial situation. In 2021, Polestar delivered approximately 10,000 cars, generating revenue of $1.6 billion. But only at an early stage, with few open markets. After the ongoing expansion, Polestar plans to reach volumes of 290,000 cars and more than 17 billion in revenue by 2025. To achieve this goal, they will open soon 150 new points of sale in 18 markets.