PoliFAB, cutting-edge semiconductor research is conducted in Milan thanks to STMicroelectronics

if theItaly wants to apply to host major investments in the field of semiconductorslike Intel’s, must not only offer advantageous grants and terms, but must also ensure an ecosystem of industry partners and talent on which companies can draw.

Although in Italy support for research – in all sectors – is notoriously deficient, there is excellences in which I am trained talent which could be good for Intel or other companies in the industry. This is the case of Polimi (Polytechnic of Milan), which in these hours has inaugurated the expansion of PoliFAB’s semiconductor production capacitythe host development center dedicated to micro and nanotechnologies.

polifab polimi 15 12 2021

The PoliFAB was created in 2015 to “deliver the most advanced technology standards” for a wide range of applications and processes associated with the five key enabling technologies: photonics, micro and nanoelectronics, biotechnologies, advanced materials and nanotechnologies.

The expansion of the center born in 2015 is due to contributed by STMicroelectronicswho equipped the clean room – with State-of-the-art equipment to boost joint research and development activities in MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems), motion control, power electronics and galvanic isolation.

The new investment, which brings the total qualified area of ​​PoliFab to 610 square metersto which other laboratories are added, is not only used by SMT, but also by the Politecnico di Milano to become the anchor more attractive to talented researchers and students. The collaboration between Polimi and SMT also includes ST-funded staffing investments and scholarship programsthe recruitment of teachers and researchers and the funding of joint research projects.

“We are experimenting with a new model of rapid technology transfer, based on the creation of a common research and innovation infrastructure that makes available to researchers and students world-class semiconductor equipment, exactly the same as used in manufacturing plants“, said Riccardo Bertacco, director of PoliFAB. “PoliFAB 2.0 is a physical site that promotes the meeting between brilliant scientific ideas and cutting-edge technologies for semiconductors, thus accelerating both fundamental research”.