Possible solutions for blockages on the 3Com 11 G

Nathan “told us the following:

“Hello everyone,

I see that, like me, there are several who are having trouble with ya.com’s 11g. I spent a lot of time looking at the firmware, looking at the recommended settings, and failed to get the router to stop locking up. Well I couldn’t do that, but I was able to get a program that detects that it is crashing and resets it directly.

A schoolboy who had the same problem solved it. I’ve been testing it for a month and it seems to be working. The mechanism is simple. Occasionally, the program will ping any address, and if the attempts you make are unresponsive, it will automatically reset it.

This is very useful if you are away from home all day and don’t want to be surprised that when you come home from work your router is burnt out. I put the program in my site link, in case you want to inquire, or ask.

This is not the definitive solution, but I assure you that I stopped worrying about these crashes a long time ago. “

Ya.com changes router: which one do they put?

Externally it is like the 3Com Office Connect 11g ADSL (3CRWE754G72-A.). However, the identification you specify on the front is 3CRWDR100Y-72 and the model number is wl-542.

As I see there, the few people who have it so far are doing well.

Finally, we recommend that you download the 3Com Wireless 11g and SMC Barricade SMC7804WBRA manual which you also have in the downloads section.