PowerToys renews its interface by adapting to the style of Windows 11

It is no coincidence that Microsoft is slowly updating native and productivity tools to accommodate Windows 11. This involves the integration of windows with rounded corners, support for Mica, and other improvements. Microsoft has already updated apps like Newspaper clippings, calculator and mail and calendar to match the new design language of Windows 11.

In the coming weeks, when Windows 11 officially arrives, Microsoft will update tool PowerToys. This will incorporate a new look that will coincide with the design of the new operating system. For those of you who don’t yet know, PowerToys is a collection of utilities created and maintained by Microsoft that continues to grow.

PowerToys will adapt its design to Windows 11

Microsoft is working with the community on new features, tools, enhancements, new configuration options, and bug fixes for PowerToys. The latest version of PowerToys offers Global mute button support, file explorer enhancements, image resizing, FancyZones, shortcut guide and much more.

As part of the first major update to the PowerToys interface, Microsoft plans to integrate a new application configuration screen. The next update includes rounded corners, winUI 2.6 controls, Fluent Design enhancements, new icons, and various elements of the Windows 11 design language. Let’s take a closer look at all the new features to better understand all of the changes.

  • New configuration interface.
  • New standardized controls that apply to all pages.
  • Standardization of the Configuration interface with that of Windows 11.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Microsoft replaced Radio buttons with Combo box.
  • Keyboard accessible with drop-down buttons.
  • Improved compatibility with dark mode.
  • New update interface.

Yes for the moment the customizable title bar and the Mica effect are not integrated. The PowerToys team has indicated that this will come when WinUI 3 is officially announced.