Processors for Chromebooks, AMD could produce them in 4 nanometers by Samsung

According to a generalized note from a JP Morgan analyst to his clients, AMD will address Samsung for the future production of chips for Chromebooks with production process a 4 nanometers. The investment bank also isn’t ruling out the possibility of AMD leaning on Samsung Foundry for the future GPU production.

“Our research indicates that AMD could outsource Chromebook processors to Samsung and its 4-nanometer processlikely ready for mass production in late 2022 as TSMC would have limited capacity to allocate to Chromebook projects given declining market demand,” wrote analyst Gokul Hariharan.

chromeos samsung02

However, a debate has been generated on this point, in fact there is a discussion on the economic logic. AMD should indeed adapt the design of its APUs for Chromebooks to Samsung’s production line and the operation could be expensive. Demand for Chromebooks, after peaking in recent months linked to the purchase of devices for DAD and remote work, is indeed on the decline.

It is therefore likely that if AMD decides to turn to Samsung, it will not only be for APUs intended for Chromebooks but also for other products, such as certain GPUs. “Additionally, we believe that AMD may assess some plans, probably on the GPU front, for production at Samsung at 3 nanometers in 2023-2024but most major platforms – server, mobile and desktop processors – will likely remain on TSMC’s 3nm.”

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