PS4 and PS4 Pro hacked again and maybe PS5 is also vulnerable

Some the Pirates well known in the world custom firmware for PlayStation consoles they let it be known via their Twitter profiles that a new one has been identified exploit of the operating system of PS4 and PS4 Pro which leads to a hacks and installing custom firmware. The latter would allow you to run homebrew software And unauthorized games.

New hack for PS4 and PS4 Pro, maybe even PS5

In particular, the hacker SpectreDev shared a video on Twitter showing custom firmware running on a PS4 console. Naturally, this isn’t the first exploit to breach PS4 security, but unlike previous ones, it can be exploited with relatively recent firmware. Indeed, the pirates managed to compromising consoles with firmware 9.00 and earlierwhile Sony has just released the firmware 9.03.

Also, according to other sources (specifically the hacker Znullptr), the exploit would also work on PlayStation 5. The team of hackers who identified the exploit, however, did not have a PS5 and for this reason it would not have been possible to test the compatibility of the exploit. All this news is obviously to be confirmed, even if it comes from sources still considered reliable within the PlayStation console hacking ecosystem.

PS4 Pro

Additionally, the next-gen console already appears to be a target for hackers, given that the breach achieved by The flow.