The following article gives all the information about switch the the password of WIRELESS modem Jazztel. The reason is that this mark is widely used in homes to receive and send content on the networks. That’s why we want to show how to protect data and equipment in an easy way when good encryption is done. It is suggested to continue reading.


Change Jazztel WIFI password

In the world of cyberspace, there are a variety of manufacturers of modems of different styles. Among them is Jazztel, considered one of the best and bestsellers; This is why it was taken into account to make an article referring to the change of password in the WIFI. In what follows, in a simple manner, it will be demonstrated that in a short time everything that enters and leaves the residence via the Internet can be protected.

Steps for changing password

It is possible that most Internet users at home have no idea How to change the the password of WIFI Jazztel. The equipment also has an ADSL, optical fiber or mobile data connection. Thus, it was decided then, to carry out in a simple way, a tutorial where the encryption of this peripheral modem can be modified.

For router models: COMTREND VR 3025u, AR-5387un, AR-5315u, VR-3041u and VR-3032u

  • The selected browser opens to start. In the search engine it is placed the URL, after that the configuration page will open, to start you need to put the security information.
  • In the fields indicated below, it is placed:
    • User: “administrator”.
    • Password: number which is usually printed on the label on the back of the equipment.
  • The command “Wireless“Which is in the options menu on the left side.
  • Following this step, in the sub-menu, press “Security”.
  • In the order “WPA / WAPI Password”, The preferred password is entered to access the wireless Internet connection.
  • To finalize and store the edit that has been made, press «Apply / Safe”.

Model ZTE H108N

  • To enter the internal configuration of this modem, you must open the trusted browser, in the browser the protocol address The main page opens here.
  • To continue, the requested data must be placed in the corresponding fields:
    • User: “administrator”.
    • Password: The original security key can be found on the specification label on the back of the equipment.
  • On entering the first screen, locate the options menu on the left side and press “Wireless” and after “Wireless security”.
  • Then in the field of “Pre-Shared Key“The security key personalized by the user is placed for access to WIFI.
  • The process ends when the option of “To apply”.

Model ZTE F680

For the configuration in the router model ZTE F 680, the instructions below should be followed; First of all, you need to open the browser and enter the given information:

  • In the search engine, you need to place the link of, then the page opens to start tuning.
  • To continue, you must complete the security fields.
    • User: is placed “Jazztel“, if it doesn’t work then”administrator”.
    • Password: it is obtained in the label where the indications of the equipment are found.


  • In the options menu that is on the left side is “Network”.
  • This router model has the option of two frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz, to change the key you must choose 2.
  • To continue, select “WLAN Radio2.4G”.
  • Then in the command “SSIS Name», Put another pseudonym on the WIFI.
  • To complete the procedure, press “TP submit”, This process is also repeated when the option of“WLAN Radio5G”.
  • In step, to create the key, choose “WLAN Radio2.4G”.
  • Followed by “Security”.
  • In the domain of “WPA Password”, The new password is entered.
  • And you end up choosing “TP submit”.
  • In the case of “WLAN Radio5GIt is executed in the same way.

Model ZTE ZXHN H218N

To configure the ZTE ZXHN H218N model, the procedure begins by opening the browser to access the equipment configuration page. It is recommended to follow the instructions as indicated:

  • In the browser’s search engine, the URL of should be placed, which immediately opens the page for entering the security data.
    • User: is placed “Jazztel“, On the ground with the possibility of placing”administrator“If he doesn’t open with the first one, too”Advanced“Or”username”.
    • Password: It is printed on the equipment label, usually on the back.


  • To update the SSID, press “Network”.
  • Following “WLAN”.
  • After “SSID settings”, Is placed in the space of“Choose the SSIDThe new nickname is used to identify the wireless Internet.
  • To save the changes, press “TP submit”.
  • When changing the security code, look for the option “Network”.
  • After “WLAN”.
  • In the domain of “Security“, is placed in”WPA Password», Enter the desired encryption.
  • To end, press “TP submit“To save the changes.

Fiber Livebox model

Modem parameters WIRELESS Livebox Fiber Jazztel, we proceed to switch the the password, by opening a trusted browser and following the instructions below:

  • On the link liveboxfibra or, navigate to the page for password settings and more.
    • User: “administrator”.
    • Password: the number which is sketched on the back of the equipment is placed, indicated by “WIFI key”.


  • You must locate “WIRELESS“, then in the menu, we press the left option”Main WI-FI”.
  • In the space that says “WI-FI name (SSID) ”, the new nickname is assigned to the residence’s wireless network.
  • In the fields indicated by “WIFI key”, The password number is changed.
  • To define the changes, press “to safeguard”.

Model of Huawei HG532c

To configure the Huawei HG532c modem equipment, you must first open the trusted browser and you must follow the following information paying attention in each command:

  • Enter the URL in the browser’s search engine.
  • Fill in the security fields for the entry.
    • User: “administrator”.
    • Password: Find the router information on the label.
  • In the menu on the left, press the option “BASIC“And then a submenu”WLAN”.
  • In the countryside “SSID”, The name of the Internet network is changed.
  • Next comes the box “WPA pre-shared key ”, the updated key is placed.
  • Finally, the information must be recorded.


Resetting the Jazztel router

It is possible that after entering the passwords and the specified user, the equipment configuration page cannot be opened, so the immediate procedure is to perform a reset.

To perform the reset process, you need to look at the back of the WIFI. A switch is located with a light on; Next to it there is a point or hole where the switch is located, which must be pressed with a thin element like a needle, until the lights go out.

When the router turns on again, it repeats the instructions to change the password of the Jazztel WIFI. After these steps, all the information you want will surely be changed.

Why change the password?

Changing the password of the Jazztel company router is important. This is the first thing to do when you start to use the Internet via WIFI; Because there are many network hackers capable of spoofing or stealing private information in this world of computing.

Therefore, all experts and companies that offer Internet support suggest that during installation, change the entry data of the wireless service, as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to change Jazztel WIFI password, please see the information in this article.

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