When using the modem provided by the company providing Internet service, its signal strength may not be correct. An amplifier is therefore necessary to increase the input and output of the network. This article will provide all the information regarding income and how installation the TP link AV500.


Configure TP Link AV500

The TP Link av500 and all routers in general can be configured to perform WIFI power repeater work, this is used in cases where the modem provided by the company is not ideal for optimal navigation in networks .

So, by placing this other device, the wireless signal strength is multiplied, managing to meet the coverage in remote places and it is impossible to get internet service, with just one device. It is ideal for the residence and in companies.

Video tutorial to configure

The process of how to configure TP Link av500It is easy to do, it should be located in a suitable place, where the area does not experience interference with waves from other devices, for example: microwave, bluetooth, intercoms and cordless phones. With clean energy, without interruption. Below are some videos to explain in detail the development of the repeater connection.

Repeater tuning process

  • The first thing to do is to open the browser, enter the respective URL of the protocol.
  • When opening the configuration page, security information must be entered:
    • User: “administrator”.
    • Password: “administrator”.
  • After entering the parameter, the configuration starts quickly.
  • The wireless connection is located and accessible with the security key of the first modem.
  • The configuration is saved.
  • Finally, you need to restart your computer and test it to see if it is working as it should.


It helps to maintain internet service without signal interruption.

It is linked to the Homeplug Av standard, which is able to operate at high speeds, transmitting up to 500 Mb / s. Where you can enjoy HD videos or 3D network video games without connection problems.

It is able to multiply WIFI transmission, which can reach 300 Mbps, in remote or difficult to reach places at home or at work.


WIFI repeaters are called signal extenders, where they connect to an already working network through a modem that broadcasts wireless communication and then repeats it to multiply the link. These are used regularly to optimize internet coverage in residences and in the workplace.

It is normal that in a house or an office there are places where the Internet connection via the wireless network is not possible, it is a very uncomfortable situation. These places are called “dead spots“From WIFI, which, because they are far away or blocked by walls, it is impossible to transmit information.

So this is where the WIFI amplifier is used. This type of device has two antennas; one to receive and one to transmit the signal. To make it work in conjunction with the main modem, you need to know sorry installation the TP av500 link extender.


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