Radeon RX 6950 XT mid-April? New AMD Desktop GPU Refresh Rumors

Rumors broke out renovation which should affect the range of desktop video cards in the coming months Radeon RX6000. After the confirmations of the last hours on the arrival of new products, new information seems to shed more light on what to expect, sweeping away certain hypotheses.

YouTuber Moore Law is dead it’s clean: “I can confirm 100% that the future 6950 XT, 6850 XT and 6750 XT will be still based on the 7 nanometer production process like the predecessors. This leaves room for maneuver for a performance increase of more than 10% with 18 Gbps memoryand so I expect the 6950 XT to be a much better product than the RTX 3090 Ti.”

amd lisa su radeon rx 6000 04 02 2022

No switch to 6 nanometers therefore, but probably more memory and an even higher GPU frequency to obtain this boost necessary for the repositioning of the AMD offer compared to NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 “Ti” range. All waiting for the real fight to be unleashed in the latter part of 2022 with RDNA 3 GPUs on one side and Ada Lovelace (RTX 4000) solutions on the other.

The youtuber indicates the arrival of three models of video cards, thus leaving out an update to the RX 6800, but in this sense there is a voice that goes against the grain, that of the “colleague” Coreteks, who he pretends this the 6950 XT should arrive “mid-April. There’s no 6850 XT or anything else as far as I know”.

Coreteks therefore claims that only one card will arrive and what is more before the previous rumors which indicated the period June – July. In all of this, remember, there are rumors of an RX 6500 launching for $130 (MSRP) in May, a very low-end card that could have the same issues seen on the XT model.