Radian Aerospace Receives Funding for Single-Stage Orbital Spaceplane

Of space planes we spoke recently with the new financing arrived at Sierra Space for Dream Chaser but also for the flights of Virgin Galactic and its VSS units. China is also planning to develop this kind of aircraft carrier and several tests of secret models for military and commercial use are currently underway. These projects are now joined by a reality called Radian Aerospace that could revolutionize the world of space travel.

radian space plane

This company offers a space plane called Radian one (currently only on paper) which, if it entered production, would represent an absolute novelty. It is indeed a space plane capable of going into orbit with a single stage (SSTO, single state to orbit). This differentiates it, for example, from the space shuttle where we find the orbiter (the spacecraft), two solid propellant side thrusters and the additional tank. The same can be said for the Dream Chaser which needs a conventional rocket to take off. Even Boeing’s experimental X-37b spaceplane can’t take off without a rocket.

Radian Aerospace and its revolutionary space plane

In the past, NASA had attempted (with the help of some partners) to build a single-stage orbital spaceplane. However, the X-33 project was closed before even attempting the first flight, moving instead to other safer and less expensive projects. Being able to make a space plane like the Radian one could further expand the market for spaceflight.

aerospace radian

As reported of the society, Radian Aerospace managed to get a funding equal to $27.9 million for the development of space plane. The sum came thanks to lenders such as Fine Structure Ventures, The Venture Collective, SpaceFund, Gaingels, The Private Shares Fund, Explorer 1 Fund, Type One Ventures, EXOR and Helios Capital.

space plane

The Radian one aims to simplify i space flights making them similar to those of a common aircraft. For this, it will use both vertical takeoff and landing and there will be no external fuel tanks as in the case of the space shuttle. For takeoff, however, one will be used “sled” which will accelerate space plane reduce fuel consumption. This system will also make it possible to reuse the carrier and to have a high launch rate (under 48 hours) while reducing the overall cost.


Rear Radian Aerospace there are already well-known names in the space industry such as Livingston Holder (company co-founder and CTO) who led Future Space Transportation and Boeing’s X-33 project. The director himself said “what we are doing is difficult, but no longer impossible thanks to significant advances in materials science, miniaturization and manufacturing technologies”.

Although the project is still in its early stages and only computer-generated images have been shown, it appears that the company has already struck deals with commercial space station operators, satellite companies, the US government and other organizations. ‘other countries. Until Radian Aerospace it will not demonstrate at least some of the promises of the new space plane a little skepticism is in order but, if the enterprise succeeds, there would be a change of era.

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