realme 9 Pro+ with 50MP Sony IMX766 OIS camera: available February 16

The strategy of gradually releasing information to maintain attention on an upcoming new product is acceptable. but maybe he’s really exaggerating. Yesterday the Chinese brand, which is part of the BBK Electronics family like vivo, OPPO and OnePlus, showed us the iridescent back cover thanks to the use of photochromic materials, which reddens in the sun (and turns blue in the shade) . I closed the room saying “We will see if we will have more details on the new phones before the official launch (for example on the camera sector, which seems to be equipped with a 50 megapixel sensor) and if the showcase chosen will be Mobile World Congress 2022“.

realme9Pro+ Sony IMX766 OIS 600

Well, within 24 hours the answer came. You could have made a single declaration and avoided the proliferation of useless emails… In any case, the news is interesting, because it tells us that, in its strategy of democratizing high-end functions, the new Realme 9 Pro+ will use the appreciated for the first time in its price range Sony IMX766 OIS camerawith a large back-illuminated BSI CMOS sensor in 1/1.56″ format and characterized by a resolution of 50 megapixels. More information on the camera feature could follow, but that’s where the information ends. realme, in its strategy of disseminating information “in bits”, indeed organized an online event for this purpose on February 7th.

At least for has formalized the launch date, scheduled for next February 16.