released a new development version with some bugs fixed

Microsoft has Windows 11 announced last month and, after the first version, has already released a new development version with some bugs fixed.

THE Minimum System Requirements require the presence of TPM chip and one transformer included in the official list reported by Microsoft.

In this regard, Microsoft spoke out saying that Windows Insider program subscribers in the dev channel will be able to install the builds even if the recommended requirements are not met.

Windows 11 ISO: new development version released with some bugs fixed

Many bugs fixed: Improved user experience?

Just scroll i sub-reddit Americans (and not only) to realize that the first outing of Windows 11 suffered from several issues, typical of an immature version like this.

The published version is 22000.65, some problems we had spoken here, have been solved, such as search from the start bar: now it is finally possible to use it without problems.

Other graphic elements have been replaced by graphics more inherent to the system and its Fluent Design.

Many additional issues with the start bar, resource explorer, widgets and more have been fixed with this release.

Here are some issues and improvements introduced:

  • The taskbar will now be displayed on multiple monitors which can be activated via settings> personalization> taskbar.
  • We have updated several system warning dialogs such as warning when the battery is low on the laptop or when changing display settings with the new visual design of Windows 11.
  • Right-clicking on the desktop now provides a refresh option without having to click “Show more options”.
  • By right clicking on a ps1 file in the file explorer, an option is now available Run with PowerShell without having to click on “Show more options”.
  • The snap layouts available when using smaller, portrait-oriented PCs have been optimized for this posture. You can now choose to mute three apps on top of each other, instead of four watch faces.
  • Based on the cooperation with the most popular GIF supplier in China,, GIF selections are now available to Windows Insiders in China via the emoji panel (WIN +.). If the location is set as China, GIF data will be displayed
  • Right clicking on the volume icon in the system tray now provides an option to troubleshoot audio issues.

The full list of bug fixes and enhancements is available from source, the Windows official blog.

To download the ISO, you must participate in the Windows Insider Program then download the ISO and install it on the system.

Alternatively, you can download the ISO using alternative tools.

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