Remote access with Android – Android expert

Android allows us remote access to networks, devices, VPNs, web services and anything else you can think of.

We can too access our android device to control or explore it.

Remote access from one Android mobile to another

There are many Android apps that you can install on your computer that will help you remotely access another device with the same operating system.

  • Team Viewer: Allows file transfer between 2 Android phones or between a phone and a computer. Of course, it allows you to take control of your mobile or your PC.
  • Any office: It’s free for non-commercial use and it works wonders. You install it on your mobile and you will be able to access another Android device or with any operating system to control it, transfer files and other operations.

Remote access from Android to Windows

The two applications in the previous section allow you to control a Windows computer from your Android: AnyDesk and Teamviewer.

With the app ES File Explorer, you can connect your Android device to the Wi-Fi network, then easily access any folder or file stored on Windows computers that are on the same network. Here we give you a step by step tutorial to use ES File Explorer

Remote access to an Android mobile

Of course, the 2 apps we named before, allow you to access and control remotely your Android mobile from a PC: TeamViewer and AnyDesk

The other recommended options are:

  • AirDroid: You can access your Android and manage files and apps, capture screenshots of android screen. Better yet, everything is done from the PC browser. Here we show you AirDroid in depth
  • Mobizen: You can connect any smartphone or tablet from the computer and control it at will. Here we present Mobizen

We will focus here on this theme: giving you tips, tricks and information on remote access with Android: