Rocket Lab has launched the A Data With Destiny mission, the last for 2021

rocket lab announced in early December the latest news on the Neutron rocket which will not arrive for some time. The missions of the company, using the smallest electron rocketbut they did not stop. The last to be launched is the one called “A Date with Destiny”.

it’s about thelast mission of 2021 the company having achieved good carrier reliability pending recovery attempts to be made in 2022. As recalled Peter Beck (CEO of the company) “I think anyone who isn’t developing a reusable launch vector right now is developing a product with no future because it’s so obvious that this is a fundamental approach to think about from day one.”.

Rocket Lab and the A Data With Destiny mission

The launch of the mission “A Date with Destiny” it took place from Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand when it was 1:02 a.m. in Italy on December 9. The mission was the 23rd launch of a electron rocket and the sixth mission this year for rocket lab (and the 109th satellite put into orbit by the company). Issues encountered in the mission seem to have been archived now “Short of Toes” of the first semester. In this case, the payload has been lost.

rocket lab

Still during the mission “A Date with Destiny” the gods were thrown BlackSky Satellites for capturing images from low orbit. They were the eleventh and twelfth units of the constellation. The target orbit is at 430 km altitude and 42° inclination. Still according to the CEO, the second stage of the electron rocket of this mission will return in thirteen days while the upper floor will return in four days. This will reduce space debris in orbit.

rocket lab

Peter Beck declared the day after the launch that “These back-to-back missions showcase the benefits of high-speed launch in action: rapid constellation expansion, streamlined access to space, and rapid delivery of global information to BlackSky customers, which Rocket Lab is proud to facilitate with its launch dedicated to Electron”.

rocket lab

For rocket lab there is another good news. The company has entered into an agreement with synspective for three launches between 2022 and 2023. The first mission is set for the first part of next year with a single Strix Satellite aboard an Electron rocket equipped with a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

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