Ryzen 7000 with V-Cache 3D? Probably yes, but not before 2023

According to the leakerGreymon55AMD reportedly intends to market Ryzen 7000 with technology 3D virtual cachebut not before 2023. This means that, at least initially, consumer sector tech will remain relegated to just the Ryzen 7 5800X3D that we reviewed a few days ago.

AMD’s new technology is proven very effective in games and, as the launch of the new Ryzen 7000(expected in Q3-Q4 of this year), it is questionable whether it will also be adopted on processors based on the architectureZen 4. AMD has said in the past that it intends to use the new technology in the future, but the success (or not) of the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is said to have played a big role in that choice.

Reviews have highlighted the effectiveness of AMD’s new solution and so it makes sense to expect its new offering in the future. We will have to wait. According to the leaker, AMD has only dedicated one production line to the 5800X3D and that means there is not enough production capacity to manufacture one or more Ryzen 7000 models with 3D V-Cache at this time. . In practice, it is only when the 5800X3D is retired that we will talk about technology transfer to the Zen 4 models.

According to Greymon55’s sources, this will happen sometime in 2023. Production of the 5800X3D could end in the fourth quarter of this year, leaving AMD the option of starting production of Zen 4 models with 3D V-Cache with a view to a market debut ahalf of the third quarter of 2023.

As for the application of 3D V-Cache on the rest of the range, it is possible that this will happen given the good results returned in game by the 3D V-Cache. There are those who would like to see it in the range below 350 euros, while we wouldn’t mind seeing it on board high-end solutions as well. We’ll see what AMD decides to do.