Salvalavita Beghelli: today it is reborn in the form of mobile phones

There was a period, also thanks to the television advertising campaign, when the solutions Savior Beghelli they were known to everyone. The gray remote control worn around the neck with the large button for making an emergency call has been synonymous with security for many elderly people and has continued to be so in recent years, even if a little more muted and removed from the scene. of the TV.

Today many devices allow you to make an emergency call with the simple press of a button: many smartphones dedicated to the general public, but also various devices, such as the D-One Trail Vest trail backpack that we have recently tried.

In this segment, Beghelli solutions have an advantage, because the alarm is not simply escalated to certain contacts in the address book (with the risk that the call will not be answered), but the devices can be connected to the 24-hour rescue center. To the classic and historical control unit with remote control, today are added more “intelligent” solutions in line with current trends. We have the smartwatch and the fitness bracelet, but especially today phones were born.

These are feature phones with a traditionalist design, which takes up that of the old mobile phones of yesteryear. We then find a chocolate bar and two flip phones.

beghelli salvalavita phone 600

Model with 1.77-inch screen, equipped with camera, speaker, rescue key and two dedicated speed dial keys.

Model with 2.8-inch screen, equipped with charging base, camera, loudspeaker, Salvalavita key and three dedicated speed dial keys (can be combined with band Salvalavita).

Model with 2.8-inch screen, equipped with charging base, GPS and Wi-Fi location, fall sensor, camera, loudspeaker, Salvalavita key and three keys dedicated to speed dialing (combinable with Salvalavita Band , the Bluetooth bracelet to start the call from the wrist).
By pressing the Salvalavita key, present on the three models of Salvalavita Phone and Salvalavita Band, an SMS is sent with the text “Help request” to the numbers previously entered by the user. Subsequently, all the numbers in the memory are called until an answer is obtained (the telephone automatically switches to hands-free mode).

The SLV30 model is equipped with GPS and is able to send an SMS containing a link with the location of the position of the person who made the distress call, via the GPS signal and WiFi networks. In the event of an accidental fall, this phone, thanks to the fall sensor, automatically launches a distress call and a location indication.

As we said, Beghelli mobile phones also allow you to use the support of the Salvalavita Center, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Beghelli operators, specially trained to handle emergency calls, follow certified and tested procedures to guarantee a rapid and personalized response in the event of an alarm. They receive the alarm on their monitors, identify the origin and nature of the alarm and manage it according to the terms agreed with the person and the family.
The Salvalavita Center offers Teleassistance, Doctor Friend and Telecomcompany services:

The operating system recognizes who is calling and the person who forwarded the request for help can speak hands-free with an operator expert in emergency management, who alerts the public emergency services to dispatch assistance. ‘an ambulance. At the end of the emergency management, the contacts are notified, ie the family members or the persons designated by the customer at the time of signing the contract. If the caller does not need an ambulance, but only the intervention of someone, the operator calls the person indicated by the customer with the possibility of also activating the three-way conversation. In the event that, following an alarm call, the Client does not respond, the operator of the Salvalavita Center, after the appropriate unsuccessful checks, will in any case alert the ambulance service,

The operator of the Salvalavita Center puts the client in contact with the doctor, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, who provides: advice and medical assistance services, information on specialized medical centers and health facilities, health assistance. If necessary, the service provides for the dispatch of a doctor or an ambulance to your home,

The Salvalavita Center calls the client, according to an agreed frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc.), to converse with him and therefore for a “companionship” telephone service.

The Center was able to handle more than 60,000 calls in one year.

The SalvalaVita Beghelli phone is distributed by the main major electronics companies, in specialized mobile telephone centers and on the Beghelli online store and on the main e-commerce platforms. The prices are – respectively – from €44.90, €74.90, €89.90.

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