Samsung ChromeBook Go: work and study at your fingertips

The global pandemic has changed our relationship to technology radically and indisputably. Mobile devices have long become a fundamental tool for staying in touch, while the need to work and study from home has led to a real rediscovering the world of personal computers in its various facets.

PCs are no longer seen as complex systems, cumbersome to use and in fact intended only for professionals but have in fact been released by all users, whether regular or occasional. In fact, they are the most complete and flexible tools to be productive, both at work and in study: the larger dimensions compensate for the immediate interaction of a smartphone with practicality, while the presence of a keyboard and input devices that go beyond just touching the screen makes them more comprehensive and easier to use than a tablet.

Since 2020, the rediscovery of the world of personal computers by a large number of users has coincided with a dissemination of Chromebook solutions. This name identifies portable PCs, but in some cases also available in desktop versions, which use the Chrome operating system developped by Google. This platform follows the typical experience of smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system, made up of great flexibility of use with the different applications available and data management through the cloud that not only allows to save but also to easily share information between different personnel. devices.

samsung chromegook go 3

One of the newer Chromebooks on the market is Samsung ChromeBook Goa model with 14 inch screen diagonal characterized by a very thin design and for this reason easily transportable in any environment. Its construction is based on robustness: it has in fact passed the tests of MIL-STD-810G Standardsbeing certified shock and splash resistant to best meet the different usage needs of the day.

Samsung has equipped the ChromeBook Go with a full range of communication ports: we find it USB Type-C connections such as Type-A, to ensure compatibility with all types of devices on the market. Not one is missing SD memory card readeralso useful for expanding internal memory just like you can with a smartphone.

samsung chromegook go 2

Google Chrome OS is known to run smoothly and fluidly without requiring a lot of processing power, but make full use of available equipment. In this way, it guarantees a quick response to the various commands, allowing the user to concentrate on work and study without having to worry about the system’s ability to keep up. In ChromeBook Go this is combined with some technical choices aimed at increasing productivity: an example is the hinge that connects the keyboard to the screen, rotates 180° and so in a way that allows you to adjust the screen to any angle you wish to use.

Thanks to Google Chrome, the ChromeBook Go notebook can run on battery power for a long time: in fact, the autonomy away from the power outlet reaches 12 hours, allowing not only to carry out the study and work activities planned for the day but also to advance energy for entertainment, such as watching an episode of our favorite series. And when the battery is near the limit, it can be recharged quickly via a USB-C connection and a 45W super fast charging charger.

samsung chromegook go 1

Samsung ChromeBook Go can be paired with a Samsung Galaxy family smartphone, seamlessly connected so you can share data and functionality as if you were using a single dual-screen device. In this way, the user or the student can make the most of the peculiarities of smartphones and laptops, opting for the first for fast communications and to have a device always available and choosing the second to sit down and want to maximize productivity, controlling the functions accessible with the smartphone directly from the laptop. All this gives you access to aseamless, fluid, fast, intuitive and secure multi-screen experience.

The Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Chromebook go combo facilitates the everyday use experience, making it more enjoyable, efficient and intuitive without being weighed down by the excessive features of traditional laptops. It’s this one an ideal combinationfor example, for students and remote workers in the new normal of agile working, who have the ability to stay productive wherever they are and securely thanks to the cloud.