Samsung makes fun of the absurdly fast 512GB DDR5 RAM modules

Samsung DDR5 RAM

Do you like RAM? Do you like really fast RAM? Do you like large amounts of memory in your RAM? Samsung just teased (via Tom’s hardware) some ridiculous 512GB DDR5 RAM modules at the Hot Chips 33 event, and this RAM is nearly twice as powerful as DDR4.

Samsung’s new DDR5-7200 DDR5 RAM

This new DDR5-7200 RAM module promises to deliver up to 40% more than DDR4, combined with double the capacity and lower voltage. Of course, you already know how important RAM is to your computer’s speed, so the idea of ​​512GB in a single stick with all the other benefits that the new DDR5 technology offers sounds like something that will make computer users drool.

The reason Samsung can cram so much memory into a single RAM module is that it relies on eight-stack DDR5 dies. DDR4 is limited to four dies, even in the best and most powerful modules on the market.

However, don’t worry about stacking eight dies, because this memory is actually thinner than comparable DDR4 modules, coming in at 1.0mm thick, a whole 0.2mm thinner. This is because Samsung used a new thin wafer handling technique that allowed it to reduce the gaps between the dies by 40%, reducing the thickness.

Another advantage of the new RAM is the voltage: Samsung claims it will use 0.1V, which is lower than DDR4. This means that even though RAM has more memory and power, it will consume less power. Samsung says the processes used to reduce voltage also reduced noise, which is a welcome improvement.

Can you get it in your PC?

Sadly, Samsung isn’t making this gigantic RAM module for regular PCs (at least not for now). Instead, it’s aimed at servers and data centers. That said, DDR5 memory is coming shortly for consumers, so more memory and the other benefits of DDR5 will come to regular users soon. It won’t be 512GB, but we might see larger than what’s currently available with DDR4 RAM.