Schaeffler unveils the hybrid module for the World Rally Championship. The same for all, in a protected position

Starting with the championship which is about to start, in FIA World Rally Championship will be used hybrid cars. In the past few hours, the provider Schaeffler unveiled the hybridization module, produced through its subsidiary compact dynamicwhich will be provided to all builders.

The FIA ​​has chosen a progressive approach, as it has already done in other categories, which is why the module is for the first three years it will be the same for everyoneand from 2024 the regulations will be gradually liberalized.

The module combines the motor-generator, control unit and battery, with 3.9 kWh capacity. The latter made by electric kreisel, which curiously is now owned by John Deere, which deals with something else entirely, agricultural machinery. The whole block weighs only 87 kg.

WRC extension

The module installed in the so-called P3 position, i.e. in the center of the vehicle, protected from shocks. From there, the drive is connected to the transmission via a shaft to the rear differential. The hybrid part of the new cars will be exploited at various times. In some specific areas, such as the service park, the module will be used to drive in fully electric mode. In racing, however, the endothermic engines, with 286 kW of power, will receive a additional thrust of 100 kW of the motor-generator, and the battery can be recharged as is the case for road cars, by deceleration and braking.