Schedule social media content with Publish

Editor is a platform that allows us to schedule content on social networks, with this we can schedule our content to keep the social networks of our social profiles or our customers active.

As for the cost, it is quite accessible, Publier is one of the cheapest platforms that exist on the market.

Those who know me know that I love testing new platforms that look promising and that Publish is a hidden gem, I invite you to learn more about this platform to schedule RRSS content schedule.

Editor features

All the features of Publish are designed to save time in managing the publication of content on our social networks, below I list some of the most interesting features of Publish:

  • Link in the bio for Instagram
  • It allows import media directly from Drive, Dropbox, Unsplash.
  • It has the integration of link shortener, is that we can connect bitly to keep track.
  • He has a media library where you can upload content that you can use in your posts.
  • Integra Canva, as easy as designing in Canva and with a few clicks to schedule content.
  • Let’s add water mark to the pictures.
  • Follow-up comments, gives us the ability to schedule a follow-up comment to interact with the post.
  • The publisher authorizes schedule content debugging obsolete, for example you will no longer have expired promotions on your social profiles, since the publisher can schedule the deletion of the publication when the offer expires.
  • Something that very few tools offer is the publications of several photos, videos and GIFs, normally other platforms only allow one video or one image.
  • Suggested hashtags, puber gives you statistics on the hashtags to use; as well as recommendations.
  • Recycle messages automatically, you can reschedule a post automatically.
  • In addition, few platforms allow publish videos on Youtube program.
  • Last but not least, its last most important feature as there are a lot more features that you can see in its roadmap; The content recommendation, you will be able to explore the content that is published for the desired topic.

A lot of these features are really cool and for that reason Publish has great potential.

Editor in action

While it’s time to see Post inside, as you can see the main dashboard where you can start posting or schedule posts is pretty straightforward as it looks a lot like a social network.

editor dashboard 1

Once you have selected or selected the profiles in which you will publish, the amazing options that Pubr offers us will be activated, from the personalization of the publication for each social network, like adding a place of publication, multimedia , selecting a saved signature, schedule a follow-up comment, or schedule when this message should be deleted.

dashboard editor 2

When the content is published or scheduled, you can see it in Post (what is already published) and Calendar (what is scheduled to be published), you can also open and edit these posts.

publishers calendar

Content recommendation allows you to explore specific topics so you can analyze what’s relevant, you can search by keyword, content by date, language and sort by popularity, relevance or date.

publisher content recommendation

Great isn’t it?

There are still many features to mention but we are leaving them a mystery so that you subscribe and try this platform, you will see that you will fall in love.

Editor’s price

As we mentioned, Publish is one of the cheapest platforms out there, although we have a free plan that allows us to perform basic activities on 5 social accounts. and payment plans start from $ 10 / month.

Where you can increase or decrease the number of social accounts you manage.

publication fees

We hope you will enjoy and save a lot of time with this platform which is not new, but it is a hidden gem …