Seagate launches 20TB drives ‘for everyone’ at prices below $700

As expected in recent months, Seagate presented its first 20 TB hard drive for the “mass”, similar to what WD has been doing for the past few weeks. The news Exos X20 And Iron Wolf Pro from 20 TB are aimed at professional applications, in the first case at hyperscale data centers while in the second at professional NAS. The prices are respectively 669.99 And 649.99 dollars.

New products are based on fifth generation of the helium platform (filled with helium) by Seagate, in which the information is recorded with CMR/PMR technology (conventional/perpendicular magnetic recording) using TDMR (two-dimensional magnetic recording) heads. So far, the company has manufactured 20TB drives based on the technology heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) intended only for selected partners and/or for their own Lyve storage systems.

seagate hdd 20tb 03 12 2021

It is not clear the number of dishes On the new models, the information is contradictory, but the most common thesis is that the drives are equipped with nine 2.22 TB platters at 7200 RPM – otherwise it would take 10 on 2 TB. There hidden is equal to 256 MB.

The new models ensure a 285MB/s sustained transfer ratehigher than the 270 MB/s of the 18 TB models and maximum consumption between 8.9 and 9.4 W, for an average figure of 7.8 W. As for the resistancethe new Exos and IronWolf Pro models arrive respectively up to 550 TB/year and 300 TB/year on the 5-year warranty.

seagate exos ironwolf pro 20tb 03 12 2021

The two series differ when it comes to scoring mean time to failure (MTBF), equal to 2.5 million hours for the Exos and 1.1 million hours in the case of the IronWolf Pro, but also the interface: The Exos X20 is available with a SATA 6 Gb/s or SAS 12 Gb/s interfacewhile the IronWolf Pro only has a SATA 6 Gbps interface.

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