September Amazon Deals: Must-Have Deals on Lenovo Laptops!

Our review of Amazon’s September deals continues, now bringing you the relative deals to the mark Lenovo with discounts on select devices, including notable laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets. The offers should last all week but we invite you to take advantage of this essential opportunity, before the products run out.

Among the various proposals in the catalog of the aforementioned initiative, we offer you the excellent notebook Lenovo Ideapad 5, now available for € 549.00 instead of € 699.99 following a 22% discount that will save you € 150.99.

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The notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 5 it is a device with an excellent quality / price ratio. First of all, it has a processor AMD Ryzen 5 4500U operating at a clock frequency of 4.0 GHz, combined with 8 GB DDR4 RAM from 3200MHz and 512 GB SSD storage. It therefore guarantees a powerful combination of performance in almost any setting, from the professional to the day-to-day, as in the case of consulting websites or emails.

This notebook he has a large 14 inch screen with resolution in Full HD and speakers Dolby Audio to ensure enjoyable use of multimedia content, such as that offered by major streaming services on demand. In addition, this device excels in the field of confidentiality because it ensures a fairly high level of security, given the presence of a shutter on the webcam and a fingerprint reader to configure access to the office. via your biometric signature.

In short, the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 looks likeexcellent solution also for study and with the start of the new school year looming, it could be a great buy to help you with your studies and beyond.

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Obviously, the notebook Lenovo Ideapad 5 this is not the only product of the brand to benefit from a high discount, which is why, in addition to inviting you to consult our vision of our selection of products, we suggest you visit the page at next address, to discover all the other offers. That said, before we leave you on the list of available deals, we remind you once again that if you are looking for other discounts, there is no better place than ours. four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware and technology, Clothing and Sports and products Chinese. Happy shopping and have fun!

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